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  1. scrooge

    Yum Snuff!

    @ alan73 The bags of Rustica are 50g most are 10g an a couple 25's. Not cellaring yet. Trying them out 1st. @ mothernature The Rustica an the white elephant are King's in the Vitamin N.
  2. scrooge

    Yum Snuff!

    Mr Snuff order arrived today.
  3. scrooge

    Yum Snuff!

    @ Javan I'm a new user an I'm always doing different blends. No burn out that way. @ grilledokra Can't buy snuff in the states anymore, illegal to sale here now.
  4. scrooge

    Yum Snuff!

  5. scrooge

    Snuff - Ground Tobacco

    Just started getting into snuff. I really like it. Placed a order with Mr. Snuff, a long delivery process. If anybody has some they don't want anymore give me a call "PM" Got any suggestions on great blends?
  6. scrooge

    What a Scrooge

    I think I got the better part of this transaction by a long shot. 2 hand made tampers an some tasty tobacco. The large one was made just for me. Thanks Alex!
  7. scrooge

    The Wifes Visit to Riegel's Alone!

  8. scrooge

    TAD Purchases

    Dang Ben88 You like Stanwell Pipes?
  9. scrooge

    80th Anniversary Kirsten/Tsuge!

    Very Nice!
  10. scrooge

    Holy Smokes Lasttango!!

    Just received my Al Pascia pipe an a Bullet Proof Cob from "Geoff" Lasttango. Also purchased 6 tins of tobacco. Every thing else in the picture is extra goodies. Thank You so much Geoff! Overly generous.
  11. scrooge

    Anybody Bought From great-estate-pipes on the Bay?

    Agree with all the above. Have bought a few times from him. No worries.
  12. scrooge

    Cosmic Tamper (Pics)

  13. scrooge

    Dunhill Tin Dating

  14. scrooge

    Dunhill Tin Dating

    This doesn't work on my Royal Yacht. The #'s are different plus from the EU.