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    Savinelli Estella 614 Tight Draw

    Well, good news. There must have been a piece if tobacco or pipe cleaner fluff blocking the airway in the stem. I worked on it a little harder this morning and got it freed up. The draw is perfect now. Smoked my first bowl of mm 965 in it this afternoon. It smoked right to the bottom and...
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    Savinelli Estella 614 Tight Draw

    I picked up this Savinelli Estella 614 at an antique shop earlier this week. I have given it the salt and alcohol treatment and have it smelling pretty sweet again. I probably didn't get a huge deal on it, but I have been looking for a 614 and this one was beautiful. One thing I have noticed...
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    Post them here!

    Thanks for the kind words guys. It has definately given me the bug to make another. I like the shape you are going for Phil.
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    Post them here!

    Well, here is my entry. It's a little rougher than I'd like, the stain isn't quite what I was in visioning, and the walls are thinner than I wanted. I had to stop working though because I'm afraid I won't have any pipe left. I guess it's ok for a first pipe.
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    Post them here!

    Awesome job on the rustication derfatdutchman. I have been comtemplating some sort of rustication on mine purely to hide some of my tool marks and ameture imperfections.
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    Post them here!

    Thanks guys! Great idea Greg. I knew there was something off at that point but couldn't put my finger on it. That will give me a chance to tighten things up in that area too. Anybody else made any progress?
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    Post them here!

    Here is my pipe so far. It's definitely a little rough around the edges, but it's coming along. What do you guys think? [/URL [URL=]
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    Post them here!

    Looks good! I got some work done today. Lost some skin off the tip of my finger and a knuckle but it's coming along nicely! it's harder than I expected but I'm happy so far. I'll post some pics tomorrow.
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    Post them here!

    Here is my progress. No progress really, but I got my kit in and have some designs in mind. I'll be starting the initial shaping this weekend.
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    I drive a lot for work, and after a while music gets old. I have found that when I am not listening to AM talk radio I like to listen to podcasts. Actually the Pipes Magazine podcast got me started on this. I was wondering, what does everyone listen to? Usually my rotation doesn't last me...
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    Beards and Beard Oil

    I have been looking into beard oils after listening to a wet shaving podcast. Seems like with my type of hair (very coarse) it would help a lot. I will be curious to see how it turns out for you. Keep us posted.
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    New Drink Column Kicks Off with The Old Fashioned

    Loved the column! I actually just had an old fashoined last night (or maybe three). I like to use Templeton Rye in mine, and the more bitters the better. Its a drink that I have learned you don't order at a bar unless you are at a real bar with somebody that knows what they are doing. There...
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    My First Stanwell

    Congrats! I would love a Stanwell but haven't happned across a deal like that yet.
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    Cold weather tobacco

    For some reason Dunhill Nightcap and the cold weather seem to go well together.
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    Any hunters?

    Upland hunter here. In fact Saturday will be the first time I have ever hunted with my own dog. Here he is after a walk with my wife. Hopefully he has a nose!