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  1. rolldog

    Woodcock Pipe Cool additions!

    Very nice, enjoy sir!
  2. rolldog

    Zippo Lighter

    Carry two Zippos for pipes all the time (I own 4). I love them, they are reliable and easy to maintain (flint and wick). If you want to get 'green', you aren't throwing away disposable lighters in landfills either. If you do keep a disposable around (just in case, 3rd backup option), pull...
  3. rolldog

    Pocket Pipe

    I can second the recommendation on Stanwell featherweights. I have one and although small, it smokes cool and steady. If you want a cob, try a Pony Express or Acorn cob, both are great pocket pipes as well.
  4. rolldog

    What's Re-purposed for Tampers?

    I use Clevis Pin Bolts, I have one that is 3" and skinny and 4" that is 5/8 around. Very effective and inexpensive.
  5. rolldog

    Beginning with a Churchwarden

    Welcome to the community. If you want an all wood churchwarden, check out Flogglewerks, they make great pipes and you can even customize yours if you like with runes. If you want a cherry tobacco that doesn't doesn't bite and tastes great, try Cult Blood Red Moon. Enjoy your journey of...
  6. rolldog

    Zippos That Won't Light

    If you still need help, Zippo will always fix is for free. Check out this link for more information. Zippo Lighter Repair
  7. rolldog

    Pipe Smoker's Laws

    Love #13 :puffy:
  8. rolldog

    Metro Detroit Folks -Should we try again?

    All weekends in April are all ready spoken for on my calendar. For those that haven't been to Paul's, you are missing out on a true Michigan and pipe smoker's treasure. Cheers. RD
  9. rolldog

    October 2016 Cartoon Caption Winners are in!

    Congrats to all the winners, well done as usual!
  10. rolldog

    Winter Is Coming!! Can't smoke as much....

    I am fortunate, I smoke in my house. I usually lean to lighter aros indoors, shying away from English blends, though they come out for a change of pace once and a while. All that said, I still prefer to smoke outside, because I enjoy being outdoors. Only the truly cruel months of Jan and Feb...
  11. rolldog

    Met Another Pipe Smoker

    Great story, thank you for sharing and for supporting both a Vet and pipe smoker. :puffy:
  12. rolldog

    No more Forever Stems?

    Paying under a $1 for a replacement stem and getting continued life out of a $7 pipe is worth the investment. Throwing away $6 worth of good cob pipe makes no sense. Do this twice and you save enough for a tin of tobacco.
  13. rolldog

    Falcons and such

    Jud, I just picked up a Falcon and 2 bowls. I like it well enough, easy maintenance and dry smoke. Until the break in period is done on the bowls, I won't truly know if they are a regular rotation. I picked them up for easy traveling pipes on the motorcycle this summer. Keep us posted on...
  14. rolldog

    Tips For Smoking In Your Car / Truck

    I drive with the AC on, the back windows down slightly. This keeps things cool in the car, with a draft for smoke, without cross wind on the pipe. Make sure your vents are not pointed directly at you, as this can have the same effect as wind, causing your pipe to get hot. For a holder, I use a...
  15. rolldog

    Cult Blood Red Moon!

    Ember, I have tried both, gave away the Lane Dark Red and only smoke BRM. It is the only cherry I smoke and for many good reasons. It smokes perfectly out of the tin, with no extra moisture and it doesn't bite or leave a chemical after taste. Open that tin and if you don't like it, send the...