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  1. rogerrodger

    New Hat, New Pipe, New Blend

    Fine looking fedora. Not hipster in my book, but a gentleman's hat.
  2. rogerrodger

    Great Movies With Pipe Smoking Scenes Being Featured

    "The Sign of Four" a 1983 Sherlock Holmes movie with Ian Richardson on Amazon Prime now, has the great detective smoking a pipe in almost every scene. In one scene, he loads his (Peterson?) pipe from a leather pouch, packs it with his thumb, checks the draw, lights it with a match, and tamps it...
  3. rogerrodger

    Everyday no brainer smoke

    Stratfordshire,Odessa,Nutty Irishman
  4. rogerrodger

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    C & D Odessa in a newly acquired Amadeus "Wichita" straight billiard.
  5. rogerrodger

    Duplicate Pipes

    I am going to have duplicates in a sense of two each of two shape types of Falcon bowls--Dublin and apple--both in smooth and rusticated finishes. I like the size, feel, and cost($16.50 from GQ Tobacco) of the bowls I have. With shipping and tax added, I end up paying 20.07 apiece for the briar...
  6. rogerrodger

    Praise For "House Blends"

    Arrowhead House Blend from Paul's Pipe Shop in Flint Michigan. This is the only aromatic I'm smoking right now. It has a touch of latakia and perique and a light vanilla flavoring. Wonderful. Paul's Pipe Shop doesn't sell tobacco over the internet. You have to call to order. The shop also makes...
  7. rogerrodger

    Anyone else not smoking as much because of the cold?

    I look forward to warmer weather, for sure. But I smoke in the garage with a space heater at arm's length. A good book, an insulated coffee thermos, and warm clothes, and I'm set. I just had a half bowl of Stratfordshire in my Cayuga pipe at lunch break.
  8. rogerrodger

    What Music Are You Listening To ~ January 2019

    Kind of Blue is the album where I first heard Bill Evans. An iconic album. Dino, Evan's Stella is great, also My Foolish Heart, anything on the first Tony Bennett album, Waltz for Debby. With Evans it goes on and on. Also love McCoy Tyner.
  9. rogerrodger

    What Music Are You Listening To ~ January 2019

    Tchaikovsky Nutcracker--The Act II finale is pure joy, especially the sparkling celesta section. Bill Evans, what a genius. My favorite of his is My Man's Gone Now from Sunday at the Village Vanguard. I got to hear him live once in the late 1970s in a little basement club in Greenwich Village...
  10. rogerrodger

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    Blackpoint in Falcon
  11. rogerrodger

    Finally Bought Some C&D Blends - Any Good, Bad, or Ugly Opinions?

    I'm partial to Stratfordshire and Odessa and plan to stock up on both.
  12. rogerrodger

    What Book Are you Reading? - 2019

    Nostalgia, Anthony Esolen. The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien The Everlasting Man, Chesterton The Inferno, Esolen translation. 1917, Solzhenitsyn Tristram Shandy
  13. rogerrodger

    Good Tobacco Shop in Wichita?

    Cigar Chateau in Wichita is a fine shop. It is very newbie friendly. I got my first cob there, and my first briar, a quality, unfinished Savinelli basket pipe that smokes very well. The staff is helpful, with good recommendations, and not just pushing for expensive pipes and tobaccos only, but...
  14. rogerrodger

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    Blackpoint in a Falcon. Oops, double post.
  15. rogerrodger

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    Blackpoint in a Falcon.