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  1. roadqueen

    Peck's Barn & Smoking Spot - A Photo Tour

    My WORD!!!!! I will admire this beauty, but I will refrain from sharing with the horses. They'd be PISSED. Lovely set up, Peck!
  2. roadqueen

    Made My First Pipe (Picture Heavy)

    :clap: BRAVO! :mrgreen:
  3. roadqueen

    Chuck Norris Memes, Anyone?

    Great thread! Love all the jokes and memes. Here's my contribution.
  4. roadqueen

    Columbus Pipe Show 2014

    bentmike and I will be at the show on Saturday, but tonight we are going to be enjoying an evening at the house, grilling steaks. 8)
  5. roadqueen

    Steak Secrets

    I like my steaks rare (as in, raw, really). Restaurants do not make it rare enough for me. Even after I give them special instructions, and describe to them exactly how rare I want it. I even tell them exactly how long to 'cook' it on each side. Still comes out rare/med rare at best. I like...
  6. roadqueen

    For The Women, Wives,Daugters

    Very pretty Bradley, thank you.
  7. roadqueen

    All the Gandalfs and Hobbits

    8O ...and to think, all this time I've been sitting on a gold mine.
  8. roadqueen

    Growing My Own Tobacco (for fun).

    psychpipes, I've seen private tobacco being grown in the hills of West Virginia. I'm thinking that the old timer used his tobacco for making his own cigarettes, not pipe tobacco. I've often thought about growing tobacco just for the heck of it as well, but the process to turn it from green...
  9. roadqueen

    Where do you live?

    10 miles or so West of Wooster, Ohio.
  10. roadqueen

    Pipe In The Bath?

    I love smoking my pipe in the tub. Sweet Pea/Lavender scented candles, Lavender bath salts and Vanilla Cream Flakes in my bowl. If only I had a bigger bath tub to relax in. :)
  11. roadqueen

    On Being a ‘Gentle Man’

    That was beautiful, 12pups. Thank you for sharing.
  12. roadqueen

    Hot Meer

    I'm still working on getting my cadence slowed and have gotten a few cobs and briars pretty warm, but my meet has never gotten hot. Maybe it has thin-ish walls?
  13. roadqueen

    It's Soooo Cold

    Trust me, I'm familiar with that expression and MANY others as it relates to the weather swings here. :)
  14. roadqueen

    It's Soooo Cold

    Ferinheight / Celsius Calculator Just to keep apples to apples for all of us, no matter if you're metric or standard! Currently -1 F here in NE Ohio, with wind chills -OMGstupid.
  15. roadqueen

    Bored And Thinking Of Coloring My MacArthur Cob.

    Careful with the hot rod flames, they'll make it smoke faster! :rofl: