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  1. rhoadsie

    C&D's Sam's Blend

    @saltedplug has it right. "Look, squirrel"
  2. rhoadsie

    Family Approved Indoor Smoking Blends?

    Rattray's Bag Piper's Dream (in stock @SPC) Dan Tobacco Blue Note & Devil's Holiday MacBaren Vaniila Cream Flake Milan Tobacco also has few like Sunset Rum Those are aros that have a decent tobacco backbone and the wife likes. She also likes VaPers/Orientals but a lot of them are...
  3. rhoadsie

    Best Budget English

    Missouri Meerschaum American Patriot. Comes in a pouch and blended by Russ O. Technically an english aromatic with a bit of bourbon topping.
  4. rhoadsie

    NBA Officially Suspends 2019-2020 Season

    Variations of this graph are all over the place. Efforts are being taken so the healthcare system does not become overwhelmed.
  5. rhoadsie

    Have Difficulties Finding Group 2 Sized , Straight Billiard Pipes

    Also, Iwan Ries gives a dunhill group size equivalent in each pipe description.
  6. rhoadsie

    Have Difficulties Finding Group 2 Sized , Straight Billiard Pipes

    Have you tried the "the pipe locator" function at You can sort based on shape, weight and chamber dimensions.
  7. rhoadsie

    Pipe Girls

    Under the left panel titled "Categories" is a bullet point for "Pipe Babes" for those interested...
  8. rhoadsie

    What Do You Do?

    I continue to spend waste my moneys on this vice that I enjoy even though I cannot fully justify doing so. That being said, I would actively solicit politicians for support but my state has changed colors (both executive and legislative) and I fear more repressive legislation unrelated to pipe...
  9. rhoadsie

    Comoy's Extraordinaire 100

    I'm not seeing the pics in the OP. It sounds like photos in our Album didn't make the crossover.
  10. rhoadsie

    New Site Changeover: Going Again Friday, Sept. 6

    Highlight the text you want to quote, a reply flag will appear, then click the reply flag.
  11. rhoadsie

    Anyone Else Having Password Trouble?

    No worries. It is sooo much easier to reply to a specific comment now!
  12. rhoadsie

    Anyone Else Having Password Trouble?

    Ok, thanks! That was where we could previously upload and keep photos associated with our account. Are those photos gone now? Is there a place to upload photos to our account (not necessarily associated with a thread)?
  13. rhoadsie

    Anyone Else Having Password Trouble?

    I reset my password for the forums and that works great. If I go to the Home page and try to click on my name or edit profile (top in the pic) then it gives me a message that I don't have permission and have to reset my password. How do I access that?
  14. rhoadsie

    If Someone Was New Or...

    No, those would always be important threads for discussion and posting important opinions such as Embers use of Dunhill pipes as bonsai pots. I think we can all agree that there are certain questions where the answer is almost unanimous, such as "how do I store my bulk tobacco or opened tinned...