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    1792 WOW

    OK, I just got back home from working out of state for a couple of weeks. I was able to get in on the last SG drop at SPC while at work and luckily got a couple boxes of 1792 so it was waiting for me when I got home. Took out a couple of the most beautiful flakes I have ever handled and cube cut...
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (April 2019)

    Finally... My first bowl of 1792 Flake in a Country Gentleman MM cob. Strong black coffee. I'm in heaven!
  3. rdavid

    Finally Got Some Real Tobacco...

    If you make it to the burleys, Old Joe Krantz and Haunted Bookshop should do it for you. Makes my head spin every time. Nice big nicotine kick. +1 on the Five Brothers too.
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    Lat Bomb

    I did try smoking straight blending latakia once and it was surprisingly good. Not harsh at all. Thinking I’ll try it again soon.
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    Lat Bomb

    Billy Bud is also a lat forward blend but might not be considered a bomb. Definitely carries a decent nicotine hit and is also one of my favorites. Engine #99 and Ten Russians also highly recommended.
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    Lat Bomb

    Is Punch really as high in nic as i have read online ? More than Pirate Kake ?
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    Lat Bomb

    Lane Punch. Definitely a lat bomb right up there with Pirate Kake. I’m really liking this stuff Punch
  8. rdavid

    Burley Boogie

    Not sure why I tried this but I mixed Haunted Bookshop and Old Joe Krantz 50/50. Turned out damn good and I’m smoking it daily.
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    Love the stuff. Desert island blend for me. This was my first Esoterica blend and still my favorite. Haven’t been able to get any Penzance yet but can’t imagine it being much better. Luckily it’s been fairly easy to obtain during the last couple of drops. Up to a couple of pounds now.
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    Group Tasting - Laurel Flake and St. James Flake

    I have two brand new cobs at the ready. Would it be advisable to smoke them with another Virginia first, say FVF or something like that to season the cobs first? I do get a different flavor from the first bowl or two from a new cob and don’t want to risk skewing the results. Thanks.
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    What Is HU Pipe Tobacco?

    HU tobaccos... Absolutely top notch. Really need to stock up on this. Is there any chance of HU being distributed in the US? If not, no biggie as I’ve been ordering from and really happy with their service. Just gets expensive with shipping and VAT.
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    Latakia Bomb Nuke, Highest Nicotine?

    I really like Bow Legged Bear and it’s definitely got a kick to it but I just didn’t get a lot of latakia out of it. Ten Russians is definitely a lat bomb with a nic hit. Also very high on my favorites list.
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    Anyone 3d Printing Pipes, Tampers, Lighter Cases?

    I’d be all over this as a hobby. Give it a try and see what happens. Please post your results.
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    For the Dunhill Collector

    Oh wow... I need that. It’s the extremely rare “two piece shank”. I think only one was made... Freakin stupid... Amazing what people do to pipes.
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    Latakia Bomb Nuke, Highest Nicotine?

    I just discovered Lane Punch. Absolute lat bomb with a good kick. Strongest nic lat bomb I’ve found yet. I’m sure there’s others but I’m really happy with Punch. Punch... in the face. Also I like to add Five Brothers to basically anything to kick it up a notch or three.