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  1. radio807

    What I have learned in my 1st month here

    +1. There's already enough complexity in my life, I don't need to drag it into my leisure activities. The only things I obsess about while smoking are keeping ashes out of my scotch and not setting myself on fire. Everything else is burdensome. Regarding strong opinions and arguments, sorry...
  2. radio807

    Anniversary Kake Question

    Your description does not fit Anniversary Kake. AK is crumbly, and is easily broken up with the fingers.
  3. radio807

    Your favorite tonquin tobacco?

    I'll cast another vote for 1792. It's the only tonquin flavored tobacco I've ever had, and the only one I know of. What are some others?
  4. radio807

    Happy International Women's Day

    My money is on the bull.
  5. radio807

    HELP! Ebay Conundrum With A Dunhill

    I think you're doing the right thing.
  6. radio807

    What Are You Driving?

    2013 Dodge Dart, 1964 Buick Skylark, 2009 Harley Heritage Softail.
  7. radio807


    Generally I will use matches when my butane or Zippo runs out of fuel in the middle of a smoke and I'm too lazy at that moment to get out of the chair and refill. I prefer paper matches to sticks because they burn a bit slower than the wooden ones.
  8. radio807


    One of my sons visited Japan a few years ago and brought me back a pouch of Momoyama. I don't recall which variety it was, but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't made my Mac Baren. I found it to be quite an enjoyable aromatic that I would buy here if it was available, but like mso I don't think it...
  9. radio807

    Legislation Filed 02-10-2017 - Increase Tax On Pipe Tobacco to $24

    Let's see now...eliminate tobacco and legalize marijuana. It makes a lot of sense from the nanny state's point of view. A stoned population will be much easier to control.
  10. radio807

    What's Your Lineage?

    Italian, purebred.
  11. radio807

    Who'd Want To Be A Celebrity?

    I am the kind of person who couldn't attract attention even if I were to set fire to myself in a crowded room, and I like it that way. Invisibility is a blessing.
  12. radio807

    Dunhill, Castello or Others

    Excellent point. My Castello KKKK Natural Vergin that I bought from Castellana in Florence cost me about $75 less than I've ever seen one retail for online here in the US. If you have to buy online check out a EU dealer as bigpond suggested. Jim
  13. radio807

    Dunhill, Castello or Others

    That's the bottom line. It doesn't get more basic and sensible than that. To address your question directly, I have no experience with Dunhill pipes, but I do own a Castello that I bought in Florence this past July. It's become my favorite smoker by far and I would encourage you to give Castello...
  14. radio807

    Your Corn Cob Pipe in action

    That new Dagner is sweet! I love the deep bowl. Somewhat small bowls are my only complaint with cobs, at least most of the MM types. Their Freehand and General styles are over the top in the other direction. I wish you years of enjoyment with that pipe.
  15. radio807

    Any Hammies Here?

    There's much more to ham radio than that, but I certainly get your point about boring, pointless conversations. It would be much more exciting if we conversed about what music goes best with aromatics, whether anyone else's nose hairs seem to grow out of control when we smoke VaPers, what color...