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    HBO TV Series 'Deadwood'.

    Correction to my previous post - the first four seasons are on DVD. I said episodes. D'oh! I also watched and own Deadwood on DVD and I think you also enjoy the script quality and acting on Vikings. It is a limited run of episodes (10) per season series allowing them really concentrate on...
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    Meer Porn - Another Fantastic Meer - Love Them!!

    I do know amber can vary in color but I've never seen any that dark, but I am no expert. I do know many old meers lost or broke their original amber stems. I have one estimated at 120+ yrs old but the stem was replaced with a yellow acrylic stem. Unless you can verify the stem is indeed amber...
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    No More Pipes !

    Say it ain't so!! Of course it's not. Heh-heh! :roll:
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    HBO TV Series 'Deadwood'.

    How about "Vikings" next? Do you get that on the telly over there? If not the first four episodes are on DVD and available through Amazon. It is similar in that it based on historical characters and events with "brilliant" production values. I love it. Enjoy. Dave
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    What Kind Of Tobacco You Guys Recomend To Start Buying.

    Keep your mitts off the Mixture 79. It's mine, all mine! LOL! :crazy: (Reverse puh-sy-call-o-gee!!!) :nana:
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    Favorite Aromatic Blends for the Fall Season?

    I smoke the same blends year round. 4th Gen 1957 & 1897, Lane 1-Q, Scotty's Honey & Chocolate, H&H Butternut Burley, H&H Trout Stream, McBaren Symphony, Boswell's Grandmas Kitchen to name a few. It depends what I have open. 8)
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    First Mimmo Provenzano

    I just purchased a Mimmo Morta similar to dcrguns's Bent Apple Morta. Haven't smoked it yet but will any day now. :puffy:
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    How Many Pipes Do You Own?

    I have 70+ collected over the past 30 years. 20+ are Petersons, with several each of Savinellis, Nordings, Boswells, Charatans, Dunhill, Kaywoodies, Stanwells and Wally Franks. The rest are one of these and one of those with only a handful of artisan pipes. Keep on puffin' :puffpipe:
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    Exploding tobacco

    Tiny bubbles in the.... Oops! Nevermind. :oops:
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    Aussie Pipe?

    MSO489, I used the URL button when I created the post but somehow managed to mess up the link. I don't know what I did wrong and can't find any help after searching the site.
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    New Peterson Lines for 2016

    Hoo-boy! More Petes in my future. :roll:
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    Aussie Pipe?

    The entry says Ser Jacopo but I think it MUST be an Aussie carver! LOL! :crazy:
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    Best aromatics

    Enough of this silliness. The best aromatic is the one you enjoy. :puffy:
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    What Is Your Prized Possession?

    My Parker 'E' model 10 gauge damascus barrelled shotgun. Made in 1889, it still kills geese with special low pressure loads to preserve the barrels. They cost me $4 every time I pull the trigger but I love keeping this historic fowling piece in action.