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  1. pipehunter

    Odd, Strange, Or Exotic Things You Have Eaten Plus Tobacco...

    Someone mentioned scorpion above. It's not bad, somewhere between cricket and soft-shell crab. Not sure if it has the protein concentration of crickets, but I'd eat it again if I was hungry. And, Cosmic, that story about the pig rectum calamari was a joke of sorts. I don't think there's any...
  2. pipehunter

    Are You Guys Taking This Seriously Enough?

    Sorry, if you don't have to relight now and then, you aren't smoking slow enough. Just stuck in a rut.
  3. pipehunter


    Harris, oddly enough, I'm pretty sure that was my pipe as well. Next time I want to sell a pipe, I should probably just drop you a line and save us both some money. You certainly have good taste.... :D
  4. pipehunter


    Yeah, photobucket was giving me a hard time. Sorry about that.
  5. pipehunter

    What was your worst tasting tobacco?

    3rd or 4th for Mixture 79. Had a baggie full in my car on a sunny day and it took weeks to get rid of the lingering odor. Ugh.
  6. pipehunter


    This is my old home office, shows about a fifth of the books. This is the upper right corner of the sketch I made before building it out. In our new location, the books are split half and half between my home office and office office. And I donated a couple of thousand to the library...
  7. pipehunter

    Another Rad Davis For The Collection

    Yes, the ferrule is boxwood.
  8. pipehunter

    Another Rad Davis For The Collection

    That looks just like the one I sent off to Coopersark a few weeks ago. If it is the same pipe, I hope you enjoy it. Well, I hope you enjoy it, either way. It's a great pipe.
  9. pipehunter

    New Proposed Bill Seeks to Eliminate Online Tobacco Sales

    ^ phone is still not face to face
  10. pipehunter

    Name Your Most Obscure Blend

    Maybe more uncommon than obscure, Marcovitch Black & White (the older one).
  11. pipehunter

    Daughters & Ryan: London Dock

    Very interesting. It's been a while, but I don't remember getting cherry from it....
  12. pipehunter

    P&C 25% Code Works for PipeTobacco

    That's sick. Some world class blends for $5/tin.
  13. pipehunter

    Boswell Tins...need jarring?

    Yeah, if you're not going to smoke them soon, those Boswell tins need jarring. That said, I don't agree re: the Pease and SPC tins not really being sealed. The seals seem fine to me. In fact, I expect they are better sealed that the SG you mention. Certainly if escaping aroma is any...
  14. pipehunter

    Pipe Tobacco Availability Frustration

    For people new to pipes, I can both understand the frustration and suggest it's really not a big deal. Sure, it's lamentable to see fine blends (and blenders) disappear. Certainly, I miss greatly Troost Slices (Van Rossem's) and Frog Morton (original). I haven't found something to replace...