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  1. piffyr Now Has SSL (https://)

    Huzzah! Many thanks to all involved. It's a welcome change. Not unlikely at all. In fact, this is the most common manner in which online accounts are hijacked. As an example, the recent Disney+ "hack" that made the news for affecting thousands of members used this method. The majority of people...
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    Old Blatter and Blatter Stamps

    I'm not sure exactly what sort of information you're looking for, but maybe these will help: Bi-Bl -- Pipes : Logos & Markings - Document: Blatter time line -- Pipes : Logos & Markings - -...
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    Choosing a Pipe to Suit Your Face?

    I prefer to choose a face to suit my pipe.
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    Shortages of Briar

    Bingo. The briar source is of more importance to the maker than the smoker.
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    HELP: Charatan Make Distinction (I'm Confused)

    "REGD NO 203573" (small letters should be superscript, but I don't see the option) It's a Lane era Charatan. Legit stem. CP logos are thin, shallow and easily buffed away. I do see something though. May be stamp remnants or may be schmutz.
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    Alternative To "Blast" Finish?

    That's one example of the technique, but there's more that can be done with it. A little dye and some sanding can give interesting results.
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    Alternative To "Blast" Finish?

    Earlier this year, I saw a couple of pipes from a west Asian pipe maker that had been treated with a yakisugi/shou sugi ban technique. Risky, but the resulting texture was very similar to that of a sandblast. I'm ashamed that I don't remember the name of the maker now.
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    Your 4 Legged Smoking Companions

    Mesa, the Bassador (Basset Hound/Labrador mix): Loves meerschaum. Hates aromatics.
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    Frank Pipe? Opinions Please

    S.M. Frank: S.M. Frank - Pipedia -
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    Comoy's - Did Many Have Stingers?

    I have a number of Comoy-made pipes for private labels and several of them have stingers of various designs. Most of them are pressure fit and removable.
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    LHS Sterncrest Zombie Restoration

    That looks fun. I don't get much opportunity to do necromantic pipe restorations these days. I kinda miss 'em. CA/briar dust fills are fine for filling surface blemishes if that's they way you want to go, but using it in the chamber is a big NO. CA has a very low failure temperature; somewhere...
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    Who Did We Lose With The Transition?

    Tsk-tsk, Mr. Guss. Where are your priorities? 😄
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    Rules - Off-Topic Posts / Bumping Old Threads / Capitalization

    I just don't see how "recasting" a discussion is in any way better than contributing to the original. For anyone trying to research and learn, it just adds more pieces to the puzzle.
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    Dunhill 15- Stamp Question

    The main intent of code stamping, on most of the older pipes at least, was to identify and clarify information to the production and distribution teams. Those guys knew exactly what information was being conveyed by the stamp.
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    Rules - Off-Topic Posts / Bumping Old Threads / Capitalization

    Indeed, especially for a forum that often deals in historical information. For example, I think the Upshall discussion thread (Link: James Upshall Pipes - a Discussion :: British Pipes - ) is one of the most...