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    Hello from Arizona

    @azbuckeye, there is a member that lives out in Avondale, Litchfield park area. We also have a members in Camp Verde, Tucson and green valley. So if you can make it come and smoke a bowl or three. Check out
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    Moisture in My Churchwarden Pestering Me

    interesting my cobbit wizard isn't filtered nor is any of my cobbits. Now my other churchwardens they don't gurgle. Try taking the stem off and insert a pipe cleaner into the bowl then pack your pipe. Remove pipe cleaner and reassemble the pipe. Now light and enjoy. This will show you if it it...
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    Metal Tenon

    Yesterday while roaming an Antique Store I found a couple straight Billard Meershaums. I was able o pick them up at a very reasonable price. Once home I cleaned them up a little they didn't new much cause they having been smoked in a while. Now when I pulled the stem off I found a metal tube...
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    Corn Cob Mods?

    I've done a couple of mods on legends turned them into nosewarmer. And pony express, tom sawyer into an anise. No pics all of them went to a new pouch.
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    Howdy from Southern Arizona!

    Welcome from Pinal County. About 80 miles north of Oro Valley.
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    One of Those Days.

    Things will get better. It may take a bit.
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    One of Those Days.

    Casa Grande and Apache Junction all the same. But better than Eloy .
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    One of Those Days.

    Well one of those hit here this afternoon. After many weeks without rain it finally came the temp dropped quite a bit in a short time. Enough that Mr. ARTHRITIS started talking louder than normal. Also about 1330 hours it looked as if it was Sunset time. Then it went into another direction. I...
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    Unpopular Opinion: I Don’t Like Cobs

    That's ok I don't like 1q or blends that are >5% black Cavendish.
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    Prince Albert Match

    Why would you buy a match blend or any blend with a chemical taste?
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    Corn Cob Tuesday?

    This is one day after MonCobday. And a day before Wedcobday.
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    2019 West Coast Pipe Show Nov 2&3

    So many pipes to drool over so little time to do it. Meeting pipers from all over the country. Lots of vintage tobacco scattered over the room. Then there are the Meershaums OMG. To bad I have to leave here in a bit.
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    Tuesdays Meerschaum Cutty PAD Attack!

    Thank you good Sir this helps a lot. I hope to some day to find one.
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    Tuesdays Meerschaum Cutty PAD Attack!

    Question, in one was to find an estate cutty what would be a reasonable price?