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    Is a Dremel Type Tool Worth Having for Piping

    Ive used a cheap brand dremel. Practice on old broken stems or bowl first. Be careful as they need to be on lowest speed. I use one aswell as bench buffer and hand held car buffer placed upside fown on the bench. Sandpaper wet a dry. Also a goodway of getting scratches out of stems is wd40 ...
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    Ebay Sellers - Info

    Ebay estates pipes is abit like lucky dip. Some you win others you loose. Ive been dudded on a bundle of 6 pipes. 4 had broken tennons but not mentioned. Another time I got 6 pipes and stand with jar in centre for $60USD and 3 pipes were worth over $150 each and all 6 pipes pre 40's. Ive...
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    All Hail 4noggins!

    Rich and 4noggins are the best Ive dealt with. Now my one and only place I buy my baccy from. Super fast replies to enquires/issues and orders processes asap. Ive used all the other main internet retailers and now ive deleted my accounts with them. Keep up the good work Rich and your team.
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    Petersen gurgle issue.

    Hi I had same issue when I was a noob. I bet your smoking an aromatic. .let it dry out heaps and smoke slower..We all tend t puff alittle hard andf fast at the beginning. Just remember , kick back, relax, have drink(s) on supply something the do. I.e reading , surfing net youtube whatever...
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    First New Dr Grabow

    Hi, Well ive smoked about 6 bowls in my Dr Grabow Riviera, ranging ftom 1/3 yo full bowls. The bowl is obviously coated in something,i.e. shellac etc as its starting to blister.Also can see where fills are as these seem to show up more now. In my oringinal post I mentioned the pipe got hot...
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    pipe went through washing machine

    Hi all, I left a pipe in my shirt pocket and somehow got missed and got put into washing machine. Whats best way to dry and will it effect to pipe, ie make it taste sour etc. My girlfriend thought she was doing me a favour by doing my washing. Pipe was a Hilson . Cheers all.
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    First New Dr Grabow

    Hi all, I'm in Australia where pipe smoking isnt popular and our taxes on tobacco products is through the roof.Due to not being popular our tobacconists only sell pretty limited stuff and its $55 Aus for 50g tin. You guys in the US pay about $9 Aus. Yeah I dont mind filter pipes in my...
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    First New Dr Grabow

    Hi all, Well I just purchased my first Dr Grabow.I have 2 old 60's one's . Silver duke bulldog and a one I camt remember as not with me to check. So I purchssed a straight Riviera and really can't complain.Its a filter pipe so I just usually roll up some paper and use as filter. (1 time use).I...
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    3 Friars tobacco, not too sure yet about it.

    Hi all, I ordered a few oz of 3 Friars and my first bowl seemed ok. Now after a few days tried it again and not too sure I like it. Would the pipe im using affect the taste or maybe its just not for me. Cheer Paulie.
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    Stanwell 683

    Sorry typed on my phone so apologies gor spelling etc. Also under mortse there is a smooth spot not rusticated that hss stamped. Stanwell REGD 968 then cant make out next # followed by 48. Where part of the numberes are some of the rustication has obscured one number. Thanks P.
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    Stanwell 683

    Hi all? O pocked ip a Stanwell 683 amd thinking of getting rid of it. If I was to put on ebay what would be a fair price. I think I paid about $60us for it. Ots in excellent condition eoth no marks on stem. Assume ots from early 60's as doesnt have crown above S on stem. Cheers all. P