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    Dunhill White Spot Drama

    This thread has been a bit of a wild ride so far. I love it. George you’ve gone above and beyond to prove your point, and I agree with everything you’ve said. Unfortunately there will always be people that won’t accept the truth no matter what evidence is presented to them.
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    I've Been Away for a While...Need Updates

    Some of these are even news to me and I’ve been checking in at least a few times a week.
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    Got Anything For IPSD 2018?

    I got in shit with my wife for ordering more tobacco.
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    Tobacco Confusion

    You might want to try GHC Sweet Maple Twist, or any of their twists actually. Pretty sweet flavours and strong enough to knock out a small horse.
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    How to Destroy a Pipe in 17 Pictures or Less

    Looks amazing and the crack adds character, even if it is now a shop pipe.
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    How Old Is Everyone

    Old enough to dislike the younger generation and young enough to be disliked by the older generation.
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    One Cob for One Year

    It's been so long I thought you might have given up. Glad to see your cob is still doing well.
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    Do You Use A Leather Pouch?

    Same for me. Made it myself, works great but doesn't look the best. I use it every time I go out somewhere. I think I'll be making a bigger one soon though.
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    First Attempt at Growing and Processing

    Looks very good. I wish mine had turned out half that well. But the learning experience is half the fun.
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    Bari Special Handcut vs. Lawnmower

    I think that could be fixed. I'd start with a 60 grit for the deeper gouges.
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    Active Members Reply Here

    Do I have to?
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    How Do You Paint a Missouri Meerschaum Pipe?

    Not saying you shouldn't do what you want, but why would you want to?
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    Impulse Estate Purchase - Stanwell

    Very nice pipe.
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    Pipe Cleaner Stuck in Short Curved Bit

    The outcome of the resurrection? Apparently just curiosity.
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    A Few Repair Before/After Pics 10/25

    Now that it some amazing work on the first stem, and of course the rest of the pipes.