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  1. ophiuchus

    Advice On English Blends For a Beginner

    My intro to an iconic English was Dunhill (now Peterson) My Mixture 965; I've been hooked since. I recommend you at least give that one a try. puffy
  2. ophiuchus

    1 Grabow for 1 Year (8/2/19)

    Wow! The Grabow is starting to look like a couple of mine! They must be related. (Took mine a lot longer to get there. :LOL: )
  3. ophiuchus

    Wife Willing To Find My Pipes A New Home.

    Wow! Relieved to discover that this thread is about cabinets. When I first saw the title of this thread ... well, I imagined the unspeakable. :eek:😆
  4. ophiuchus

    Recently Gifted a Set of Dunhills. I Was Hoping for Some History and Info

    :eek: -Oh, fucking bummer! (At least you know. Thanks for sharing that.)
  5. ophiuchus

    Recently Gifted a Set of Dunhills. I Was Hoping for Some History and Info

    That's an impressive set, for sure. One also has to be curious about the story of the pipe that isn't there. :sher:
  6. ophiuchus

    Show Us Your Ugliest Pipes!!!!

    Boy ... I've got too many ugly ones to choose from. I'll have to pick one when I get home ... :eek:
  7. ophiuchus

    Any Love for Prince Albert?

    I love the stuff; it's been a staple for decades. It's a highly versatile, all-purpose smoke for any occasion or no occasion at all. I wouldn't describe my accumulation of PA tubs "cellaring" ... more like "hoarding."
  8. ophiuchus

    ***What Are You Smoking? December 2019.***

    Hearth and Home Midtown Chestnut in a (surprise) Stanwell 86 Black Diamond; out walking with a Yeti of Constant Comment. This stuff is better than Walnut (which I liked well enough to sock away a few tubs). Chestnut is just clean, smokey and yummy. Highly recommended ... puffy
  9. ophiuchus

    Flavoured Tobacco

    hahau - I stilll have a couple left in the foil pouch they came in.
  10. ophiuchus

    ***What Are You Smoking? December 2019.***

    Warhorse Green in a (surprise) Stanwell 86 Duke.
  11. ophiuchus

    Flavoured Tobacco

    This past fall, I took my truck out to get serviced and forgot to bring a pipe. I wandered down the road to a Holiday gas station for a cup of that “campfire” coffee. Vile stuff; I have to have it once in a while. On the way to the register, I made a stop at the cigar shelf and snagged a Peach...
  12. ophiuchus


    It’s times like this when I miss the old applause emoji. Congratulations On 10,000 insights, cross examinations, and dirty wisecracks! Your life is full. Have fun! puffy “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” -Proverb of Uncertain Origin.
  13. ophiuchus

    Very Bad PAD - Someone Please Stop Me

    😛 -Wow!
  14. ophiuchus

    I Swung A Dead Cat and...

    Gorgeous! 🤔 -(Hmmm ... where's that darn cat?)
  15. ophiuchus

    Visiting Chicago the First Time - and Searching for a Good Pipeshop

    Oh, no! Time for a bout of homesickness ... One of the things I miss most about living in Chicago is the monthly-biweekly visit to Iwan Ries. Absolutely terrific place with nice, bright folks working there ... it may be your best chance (at least in the midwest) for a true 20th century...