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    Is This a Burnout?

    No no, I'm not a fanatic reamer :-D I just went as far as I could this once to try to get a view of the walls. I usually keep a coating of 1-1,5 mm for protection and for taste.
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    Westgate, My First Real Good Budget Smoke

    Here’s a recommendation for those who sometimes have to take a closer look at the wallet when buying tobacco. The red Westgate blend is an English mixture made by McConnell for their Danish importer and is sold with some 15 % off the price of the regular McConnell assortment. At that price I’m...
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    If You Were Stranded On a Deserted Island With Only One Tobacco...

    Only one choice? Hehe, it depends on the climate. On a hot tropical island it would be SG Skiff Mixture. On a more well tempered it would be Black Mallory. And if really cold and windy, a Marlin Flake. Wouldn’t ask for more in a long time but eventually miss all the others 😞
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    Show-off your Stanwell Pipes Here!

    My three Stanwells. Two by Tom Eltang (the smaller one is Royal Danish) and one by Jess Chonowitz. They are definitely not my last ones. Looking out for Sixten shapes especially.
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    Tounge Bite

    For one, I think it is the quality of the tobacco you smoke. One of the things about top quality tobaccos is that they are carefully harvested and cured for a long time. That tends to milden the tongue bite. Drying out the tobacco is not a good idea. It spoils taste and smell, and it fires up...
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    Recommendations of Tobacco Blends for a New Pipe Smoker

    I would recommend a classic english mixture with a hearty share of latakia. Some may think it’s a bit too tough on beginners. I don’t. Rattray’s Accountant’s Mixture would be an excellent choise. It has a quite heavy body with some sweetness from the Cavendish, and that softens it without...
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    Stanwell Stamping

    Thanks, kurtbob, I love the pipe too. Would never have picked it myself, but it keeps growing on me. It’s a really nice site. I’ve used it for quite a while now picking up tips and advice and thought I’d finally join in. I learned pipe smoking from a book my dad gave me many years ago together...
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    BBB 1922

    I’m the happy new owner of this old BBB stamped Birmingham 1922. It’s my first antique and certainly not the last. I love it and it smokes just fine. I’m also fishing a bit for advice. Don’t mind that a historic pipe shows some wear, to me it’s part of the pipe’s life. But the bowl finish has...
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    Is This a Burnout?

    You could be right about that. Three spots close to another is a funny way to burn through. Think I’ll just leave it for the time being. Comoy’s had a lot of factory staining involved and my beginner’s skills could easily go majorly wrong.
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    Stanwell Stamping

    Glad it helped! In the big days of pipe smoking Stanwell made a pretty large number of smaller series. I got a Stanwell recently as a gift. It has a brass plate saying “Amager 1996”. I got stubborn just like you, but all I could find on the net were one or two pipes with other names of danish...
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    Stanwell Stamping

    Sealand is the English name for “Sjælland”, the island with Copenhagen to the north. Not an expert, but DM stands for the danish pipe smoking championship, so I assume SSM is/was a local championship
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    Another Comoy's Dating Thread

    Hi, that will turn out a really nice piece once cleaned and buffed. I just bought a grand slam and your research corresponds with mine. Interestingly enough mine has a french patent (brevete sgdg) that isn’t mentioned anywere, but the french patents expired after 20 years, so it’s the same...
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    Is This a Burnout?

    No I don‘t, unfortunately. Photos can be tricky anyway. It’s all the lighting and contrast. I’ve had estates that looked risky on the photos but looked OK on arrival. Most of your answers reassure me to calm down and just enjoy the pipe - and smoke it carefully.
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    Hello from Denmark

    Nej, en dansker til 😊 Hej tilbage, godt at møde en landsmand. Kender du tilfældigvis lidt til Stanwell-serier og stempler?
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    Is This a Burnout?

    Thanks for all the responses. No, taste is fine, and doesn’t heat up at the spots either. I tried to wipe and scrape the inside with alcohol but didn’t dare go all the way - haven’t done that before. Not sure if the pic says much...