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  1. oldmannk

    Children and smoking

    +1 for itstone If you make it a huge and big no no, they will only become more intrigued and interested. I generally do not allow anyone to smoke cigs around my daughter. However she has been sitting on my lap while I blow smoke rings in her hands. As someone who grew up in the no environment...
  2. oldmannk

    The Hateful 8

    Just wondering if anyone has seen the movie? In the opening scene Kurt Russel and Samuel L Jackson are smoking pipes. Anyone know happen to know the brand or model of them
  3. oldmannk

    Pipe Smoking for anxiety

    Thanks for sharing and in my opinion yes it helps. Like many have said it too has saved my life as well. Helps me with my PTSD, depression and anxiety as well. Which I suffer from now after years of deployments and combat, from my military service. It's now the one thing I can do to relax. I...
  4. oldmannk

    Great Christmas haul for me!!

    Santa thinks you were good this year.
  5. oldmannk

    Moving to Omaha

    I want to thank everyone for the suggestions and help. I really appreciate everyone here is most will to help. I feel at home every time. Now I have exploring and things to do. And Merry Christmas to everyone. Bryan
  6. oldmannk

    Lazy Ebay Seller?

    Agree probably trying to screw someone too
  7. oldmannk

    Lazy Ebay Seller?

    Wow sad. They need some marketing or sales advice.
  8. oldmannk

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all.
  9. oldmannk

    Moving to Omaha

    Thanks for the help
  10. oldmannk

    Sock It To Me

    Way cool nice
  11. oldmannk

    Moving to Omaha

    Moving to Omaha soon. Looking for local recomendations thanks.
  12. oldmannk

    It's A Major Award....Tamper

    I would like to get in on the action if still open!
  13. oldmannk

    Sorry, Bad Mojo !

    Glad everyone is ok I am with MSO. The need to get some hot shot in the ass problem solve. World a better place.
  14. oldmannk

    Peck's Barn & Smoking Spot - A Photo Tour

    Wow very impressive. You set the bar high and hit it out of the park. Enjoy
  15. oldmannk

    corporations drug screening for nicotine.

    Right freedom isn't free and requires work and conviction along with dedication