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    How Do You Reconcile With Pipe Smoking's Health Risks?

    I wish I still had the link handy (I may have posted it in a similar type post a good bit ago but my memory fails me and it's been a long few months and I am feeling far to lazy to look it back up). But there is a good bit of research out there that puts light to moderate (i.e. 1-3 bowls a day...
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    How Many Different Blends Have You Tried?

    If I had to venture a guess, probably a conservitive number is probably around 60 or so? I havent been keeping count. But considering I have about 10 blends on hand at any given time, and I usually pick up 2-3 new things to try when I order favorites...sounds about right
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    Can't Get a Handle on Lane 1Q

    Personally I've never been a huge fan of the stuff. Way better stuff out there. At best it's just an average, run of the mill aromatic pipe tobacco, and at worse it's just ash and hot air.
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    Holiday Combinations?

    Currently I am enjoying a nice vanilla flake with a glass of apple pie rum that seems to be going together quite well
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    Someone Stole Two of My Pipes

    Well it is a screened in back porch, and I leave them outside after a long evening of smoking to let them air out a day before I place them back into my tobacco cabinet. I've done this for quite some time, and never had an issue or even a worry that someone might take them, aside from a fellow...
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    Someone Stole Two of My Pipes

    Mike, just a quick question about your name....were/are you in the Army?
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    Question on Flavor

    It is going to take a good while to get a handle on smoking a pipe and to develop a palette to be able to detect a flavor. Aromatics are the hardest of all to smoke, which is funny because they are what most people try to learn on. I would suggest that you branch out and try other blends or...
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    Florida Smokers Roll Call

    Florida native checking in (greater tampa area)
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    Someone Stole Two of My Pipes

    Just venting, but I'm highly upset. Someone took it upon themselves to enter my back porch and steal not one, but two of my pipes while I was away from home Thanksgiving. One of which was an Edward's from the 70s that was one of my best smokers. The other I can stand to loose, but still....I...
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    Former Cig Smokers and Pipes

    As a nearly 3 PAD long term (almost 10 years) smoker that quit many years ago, I can tell you that the concern is reasonably justified, but the reality is that the two are nothing alike. The tobacco is totally different and the way the nicotine hits you is different. I've not once ever had a...
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    What Does Tongue Bite Feel Like?

    Depends on how bad you gone and bit the ol tounge. It can range from a mild irritation with muted flavors from foods all the way to an uncomfortable, achey and swollen tounge that feels like pain and sandpaper in the mouth that takes a week or so to heal. Atleast that's what I've experienced
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    I Love Flakes. I Also Hate Them.

    Cant say I have that problem. The only baccy I have problems keeping lit is SPC plum pudding and only when I'm super lazy and try to stuff entire huge squares into my pipe. Erindale flake is probably my most troublesome, but even then 15 min on the wax warmer to get her almost bone dry I never...
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    Can Rehydration Make The Tobacco Great Again?

    I've been successful in bringing a pouch of tobacco that was stored improperly for 6 years and was bone dry to something that was good to smoke, but compared to a tin of the same tobacco of the Same age that was stored properly it's a hands down no contest for the tin. Once tobacco gets overly...
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    What's a Pipe That "Smokes Good"?

    I understand that arsthics will play a large role in ones enjoyment of a pipe, I wont try to aruge that it doesnt. But I brought up this example specifically to counter that point, because I actually perfer the way the lessor grain with flaws looks over the more perfect pipe, as I am one who...
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    What's a Pipe That "Smokes Good"?

    It's more in depth than that. If you wanna get deep into the subject. Its everything about the pipe that can determine its smoking "goodness". Its everything form its bowl size and shape, stem legneth, grain, and drilling and fit and finish and how that matches you and how you smoke. Some pipes...