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    Bo Nordh Stem Replacement

    Nice! Amazing post/content as usual.
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    1985 Ashton Pebble Grain -- Give Away

    Wow! Ill take 18
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    Stokkebye Cube Cut First Impressions

    @OP nice review! @embers That’s a lot of tobacco. How many years have you been buying this at this rate?
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    What Are the Benefits to a Bulldog Shape?

    I have more than a dozen Custom-bilt bulldogs,rhodesians,bullmoose. I just like how it feels on the hand. They're hefty and looks really heavy but suprisingly light. My favorite pipe,which gets smoked more than once a day, is a Sasieni four dot Hendon. The square shank, tapered bowl is so...
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    Yes, It's Time For Another One of Those Threads

    Grain looks tight, nice contrast stain,blast looks interesting.I like it. 70% of my pipes are Custom-bilts so maybe i have a thing for these "ugly"clunky pipes. And if I'll ever buy a freehand, i might as well go full retard freehand.
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    Which Historical Character Would You Choose To Share A Bowl With?

    MacArthur the "old soldier" version and Charles Peterson. Peterson for obvious reasons and the General because I have so many questions to ask the great man.
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    Oom Paul Question

    My system Oom Pauls(love the name) are just fine. Just have to wipe the sump after each smoke.
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    Quintessential Shapes by Maker

    Peterson - bent billiard/dutch system 4/309 Northern Briars - sea urchin Custom-Bilt - Mincer era bullmoose Dunhill - LC
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    Another Sav 320 Joins the Family

    @coldsmoke Mine has vulcanite.
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    Another Sav 320 Joins the Family

    Nice! I have a 320KS Panama with the metal rim. Didn't realise how much bigger the EX actually is when compared with the KS. @metalhead Had a low end Pete with a fill or two popping out that also annoyed me, fixed it with a Sharpie.
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    Your Most *Enduring* Blends

    @saltedplug Yes Sir! And readily available also...
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    Wicked Fast Shipping

    SPC(like most retailers) are mighty fast on processing orders. UPS delivers it to me on the west coast just fine.
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    Email from 4Noggins.

    Happy retirement to Rich and best of luck for the new owners. I do hope they keep the original recipe, cut and leaf quality of my faviorite John Patton blends.
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    Your Most *Enduring* Blends

    Five Brothers and Irish Flake.
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    What Blend Have You Discovered This Year?

    Peterson Irish flake + five brothers parfait. A pinch of Mcclellands perique to some old reliables(C&D burley blends)was also a great discovery. Also been enjoying Sutliff's Holiday and Mixture 79 on cobs.