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    Royal Yacht: Full Review.

    I have smoked RY since Dunhill made it, and the current incarnation is my favorite. Maybe old age has dulled my taste buds, but this is the best.
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    Native America; Choctaw & Tobacco

    My daughter's husband is the Chief of the Creek Nation police force, and he tells me it is customary to bring a gift of tobacco when you visit an elder of the tribe. In his position, I imagine he goes through quite a bit of tobacco. So tobacco still plays an important role in Indian customs.
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    Your recommendations for a Black Walnut flavor tobacco

    In over fifty years of pipe smoking I have never seen a black walnut flavoured tobacco. Your best bet would be to get some black walnut extract, put in on a cotton ball and place in in a canning jar with a little neutral tobacco such as a mild Virginia and let it sit for a while and hope it...
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    St Bruno RR

    Take some Irish flake and rub it out, then mix it half and half with some Amphora Brown and you come pretty close to the same taste at almost half the price.
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    Words and Phrases You Hate

    Whatever. When someone dismisses me with the word "whatever" I feel like smacking them.
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    Dunhill "Elizabethan Mixture" versus Peterson "Irish Oak"

    I have said Irish Oak is what Elizabethan Mixture wants to be when it grows up.
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    Reasons To Dislike Apple/Macintosh Computers

    One of my first computers was an Apple III. You had to write your own drivers and the operating system, SOS, was quite limited, but what could you expect from an 8bit computer. Then Apple announced it would no longer support Apple IIIs and not develop any more software for it. So, I bought an...
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    What Did a Tin of Tobacco Cost 10 and 20 Years Ago?

    When I first started in the late fifties PA was .15 and friends tobacco was .11, but that was at a convenience store so you could probably find it cheaper. Bread at the time was .11 for a one pound loaf and coffee was .79 for a full pound can. Ground beef was .25 a pound when it was on sale...
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    St Bruno RR

    St Bruno is a medium bodied, medium strength, medium quality Va-Bur with a small bit of casing which presents as a touch of sweetness rather than any particular flavour. It had been years since I had smoked it, so I had to have some. I remember it as being a little stronger and a little less...
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    That's It, No More Pipe Smoking In The House

    It is insidious. My wife complained so much about my pipe smoke, I gave in and started smoking outside. Now it is a full court press to make me stop altogether. She screams about the smell on my clothes, my breath, etc. That is what I get for marrying a younger woman. She is only sixty nine.
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    Bad Flavor in Dunhill Tins

    Fresh tobacco produces ammonia. In fact that is how you can tell a tin of snuff is fresh. It has a slight ammonia smell. With age and a little air the ammonia disappears. It would seem some of the tobacco in your tins did not have enough age on it before being tinned.
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    Share Your New Lat-Bomb Ideas

    It seems no one remembers one of the first, still available Lat-bombs, SG Commonwealth Mixture. 50% Latakia and 50% Virginia.
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    St Bruno Now Available

    It has been years since I smoked St Bruno, but if I recall correctly, it is similar to Irish Flake but not as strong and with just a touch of fruit topping. I think it would find a strong following at $10.00 a pouch, but I doubt it will at $16.15. I think MacBaren is forcing that retail price on...
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    Cinnamon blends? H&H Eggnog still feature Cinnamon?

    H&H Angler's Dream has more cinnamon than any other tobacco IMHO. With most blends with cinnamon you have to think "Do I taste it or not?' Not so with Angler's Dream. It is an OTC type Burley blend with a healthy dose of cinnamon.