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  1. mvmadore

    Anyone tempted by one of those Hilson Vintage from Rainer Barbi?

    I too own two Hilson Vintage, a slightly bend bulldog and dublin. both are very nice pipes and great smokers. They are advertised as old briar but I couldn't tell you if it was or wasn't. I guess we just have to take their word and as I've not heard of any debunking I'd guess they are not...
  2. mvmadore

    Amber & Ivory Care/Cleaning

    I've never worked with or had any contact with any of the other "ivory" type materials. Horn tends to be more of a "layered" material rather than elephant ivory which grows like a tree with growth rings. I don't think it is sperm whale tooth as that is less commonly used and tends to be harder...
  3. mvmadore

    Amber & Ivory Care/Cleaning

    Here are a few pics from my collection. Some of my work. Another piece. I cut this, 6" diameter, from a raw tusk we were processing as an experiment to see what would happen. It took several years for it to start to warp and eventually snapped on its' own due to the "drying" process. I...
  4. mvmadore

    Amber & Ivory Care/Cleaning

    Ivory is and isn't a fragile material. It is a "dentine" material thus can be worked in numerous ways...I was a Scrimshaw artist for around 15 years before giving it up as materials became harder to get and laws more difficult to work with. I still have a large collection of raw ivory and...
  5. mvmadore

    First for 2016: Castello Old Antiquari KK Apple

    Oooh that's a beauty
  6. mvmadore

    Happy New Years

    Raise a pipe and toast to all of you...Happy New Year...may it be better than the last but not as good as the one in the future...
  7. mvmadore

    The beginning of the end for the mobile craze?

    From what I read the article is about apps rather than mobile devices. I'm 60 and like my iphone 6+ and the apps I have installed. I find them useful and informative. They are fast and easy to access...much more so than going through a web browser. I've been an Android system user and ios user...
  8. mvmadore

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Festivus for the Restofus...
  9. mvmadore

    Sock It To Me

    "The game's afoot"...well said, snicker snicker
  10. mvmadore

    Suckiest Christmas Ever

    For many people this season is horrible, no family, no money, watching everyone celebrating while you feel can be brutal. While being healthy and having a job, house, etc. is much to be thankful for it is often hard to see when all you see is telling a person suffering...
  11. mvmadore

    My Craziest Haul (yet)

    Wow, great trade.
  12. mvmadore

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (December 2015)

    I will be soon smoking some delightful Frog Morton's Cellar in my just arrived Castello Old Antiquari bent bulldog.
  13. mvmadore

    Is a Dremel Type Tool Worth Having for Piping

    I've used my variable speed Dremel for polishing my stems and pipes. I use the buffing wheel and green stropping/buffing compound on lower speeds. I place the Dremel in my bench vise so my hands are free for works great. I've owned and used this Dremel for over forty...yep that's...
  14. mvmadore

    Thanks to Smoker's Haven

    Hi all, I want to thank Smoker's Haven...and the USPS...for their super fast shipping during the busiest time of the year. I won an auction for a beautiful Castello bully...shown in another topic on this forum...and it was shipped Monday. It arrived today and is in my hands...woohoo. The pipe...