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  1. morior8

    Interesting Pipe My Dad Had

    Found some more information From a facebook acquaintance in the pipe community there. "So I reached out to a friend of mine who has traveled Europe in search of pipes. Apparently they’re called...
  2. morior8

    How Many Bowls Do You Smoke?

    1-3 bowls a day, depends on if I'm trying out a bunch of new blends or not. Then it'll kick it up to 8 sometimes.
  3. morior8

    Anyone Remember this Little Gem?

    I think me and a friend bought a pack of these a piece. They weren't too good. Real strong taste to them but I think I enjoyed them more towards the end of the pack. Grows on ya. Sad so many interesting smokes are gone now.
  4. morior8

    Great Photos Thread

    Granby, Colorado Best fishing trip I'd been on in a long time. Aw hell they're all good. Get out of the city now and then!
  5. morior8

    Interesting Pipe My Dad Had

    Yeah it seems to have befuddled the local pipe repair guy too. He's only seen one other with that and nothing with ornate stuff on it. He thinks the wirework and such was a custom job.
  6. morior8

    Vauen Castor

    I was pleasantly surprised after thinking my churchwarden was a nice easy draw. This one takes the take on getting a bowl started up.
  7. morior8

    Vauen Castor

    This thing smokes wonderfully.
  8. morior8

    2021 Peterson St. Patrick's Day Pipes

    I might pick one up if the price is right, stems are a little gaudy with a green that bright though I’ll agree. a bit closer view to one of them
  9. morior8

    New Member from Denver Colorado

    Welcome from... also Colorado! Hope you enjoy!
  10. morior8

    If Only I Had A Spare $2.5K...

    Wow, surprised someone bought the pipe in the first post. Too rich for my blood, My hard limit is 200 unless it's a custom.
  11. morior8

    Muttnchop Piper Update

    I miss his vids, went through and re watched them all last year. Good dude, good advice.
  12. morior8

    It's Been a While....So Here's an Update!

    Great post and collection, looking forward to reading more in the future.
  13. morior8

    Pipe/Cigar Smoker Face Masks

    These are great, might have to get one for fun.
  14. morior8

    Hi from Bonita California!

    Welcome from Colorado, looking forward to seeing more of your posts!
  15. morior8

    First Smoke of the Day ?

    Last couple days it's been Rattray's Hal O' The Wynd.