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    RO Perique Series On Sale

    Just replaced my order. 3 tins of each, exactly same as yours. Thanks for sharing the deal!
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    Chinese Briars

    I do see pipes made by Ping Zhan, a pipe carver from Dalian, available on smokingpipes. As a Chinese, I'd say in the past few years, the pipe community's been growing pretty darn fast. I myself never purchased one pipe from Chinese carvers, mostly due to the quality/price concerns. Meanwhile I...
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    Buying Online from New Zealand

    Just came back from NZ for a vacation. When getting though the customs, I was asked whether I had more than 50 cigarettes or 100g tobacco with me. Wow, instantly realized how intense the regulation is in NZ. After that, I checked the price of pipe smoking stuff online in NZ. Darn.
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (February 2019)

    H&H White knight in a MM Little Devil Acorn.
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    Everyday no brainer smoke

    Capstan blue, St Bruno, PS LBF
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    How BIG is your cellar?

    Always buy more than I smoke and never track the exact number. A rough guess, 20~25 lbs. At the beginning of 2018, a friend of mine set a goal that we both cellar around 200 tins(50 grams) or equivalent amount of baccy but none of us achieved the goal, not even close. Thus this year we bring it...
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    GL Pease On Sale

    Snapped a few tins of Key Largo, since I ever tried a cigar leaf based blend before. A few bucks saved! :puffpipe:
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    Just Popped a Jar of Bullseye

    Got a one pound box a few months ago and jarred'em up immediately. Have about 3 oz sample sealed in a separate mason jar so that I can taste the LBF when it is still pretty fresh. Definitely harsh and bites a lot without any aging on it. But I do got one or two times that it delivered...
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    Peterson Irish Flake: how strong is it? (first non-aromatic tobacco)

    Smoked a bowl last night, probably 3 hours after dinner. My stomach was turned upside down. My mistake on way too many retrohales...
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    Peterson Irish Flake

    One of my favorite, especially for the winter time rotation. Pretty strong tobacco so I only smoke it around 1 hour after dinner, even though I can still feel the hic-hit from time to time. Enjoy!
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    How Many of You Lucky Dogs Get to Smoke Inside?

    Fortunately I live alone so I only smoked couple of times outdoors. Really difference experiment from smoking inside the house. The cadence, the tamping, retrohale... Another thing I really enjoy is, when I've been smoking in a room for a while and then walk out of it for a cup of tea refill or...
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    Cube cut recommendations

    I usually cube cut both SG St.Jame and SG FVF. For me, cube-cutting is away to work around the high moisture level a flake has and not to dry it too much to lose flavor. Of course, I still let the baccy dry for 15~ish mins, but not too long. And cube cutting make pipe filling a little bit...
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    How Old Is Everyone

    32. Been smoking pipes for only two years. Already see it as a lifelong hobby.
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    Favorite "Cheer Up" Tobacco

    Sorry to hear that. For me, I'd seek tobaccos with medium to strong hic-hit, medium to strong body, and more importantly, it does not do tongue bite to you. And I found Peterson 3P's been playing this mood-cheering role for me in the holiday season. Irish flake might also be worth a shot.
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    Greetings from China

    @cigrmaster, thanks for recommending 4noggins and tobaccopipes. I ordered from SP for a few times. I'd say the plain packaging is not quite reliable in many ways: some parcel might take 2-3 months and when you are luck, it takes around 2 weeks. Usually I won't complain about the oversea shipping...