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    Got this today, Dave Neeb

    Thanks, Guys and Mike especially for all the kind comments. Dave
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    Is anyone familiar with this Ebay seller?

    Just ask him to send a photo of the back of the tin.
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    Ferndown No Star pipes

    Thanks. That was my theory too but couldn't find anything online that says that. You bought it as an estate?
  4. mkelaw

    Ferndown No Star pipes

    Just took in three unsmoked Ferndowns Barks that I'll be selling. All are quite large. None have stars designating size. Never seen a Ferndown Bark without stars. Can anyone edify me? Thanks, D.
  5. mkelaw

    Les Wood "Star" pipe

    Thanks, guys for comments and photo uploading coaching. The photo is the correct pipe. I also found a comment on the pipephil site indicating that Les Wood sells to the European market, stamping pipes "L.Wood." Apparently the U.S. importer/distributor has the copyright on "Ferndown" and...
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    Les Wood "Star" pipe

    The brand name side of the pipe is "Star" above "Made by Les Wood" There is a star stamped into the top of the stem. No LJS on the side of the stem. Right hand nomenclature is "Made by Hand" over "In England."
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    Les Wood "Star" pipe

    Working on the photo thing. AARGH!
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    Les Wood "Star" pipe
  9. mkelaw

    Les Wood "Star" pipe

    Bought a number of pipes that include a Les Wood Star. Not a Ferndown - just a Star. Silver spigot. My research has turned up nothing. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Pipe for the Wife

    I've got a couple of Comoy's Monogram "Ladies' Pipes", a straight and a bent at the bottom of my English Page here. Might be just the ticket.
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    emery board a stem?

    I'd also recommend against an old fashioned emery board. They're very coarse. Simple chatter should come out with 400 sandpaper followed by 600. Or, you can get some foam nail boards at Walgreens in various grits, some very fine. Don't use any abrasive unless you have a buffing wheel to...
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    Received My Dave Neeb Commissioned Pipe Today

    Thanks guys for all the very kind comments. You can't imagine how good it makes me feel about myself as a craftsman and a pipe seller. I really appreciate it. I just finished two more pipes that I've been working on along with Shinkano's. You can see them here. Dave
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    Mkelaw-Pipes.Com - Several great English estates posted

    Lots of excellent English estates have been put up on the website in the last two or three days. They include several nice Dunhills, a couple of Willmer Straight Grains, Charatans and Petersons. Check them out at Dave
  14. mkelaw

    15% Off Everything Sale at ends soon

    All good things must come to an end and my 15% off everything sale is no exception. When the big, glass ball comes down on Times Square, it's over, so don't forget to stop by and check out a great selection of estates and pipes by Dave Neeb. Happy New Year to All! Mkelaw-Pipes.Com