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    Danish Pipe Shop Muzzled

    well its been a slice. im leaving this forum. Maybe there’s one out there that doesnt’t rehash the same moral/political debates americans (mostly) love to dwell over 24/7? Seems hard to find. Ill stick to my pipe and books from now on as an escape.
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    Thoughts for 2019

    Mike, I’m with you! I hope to do some camping and maybe even hunting in 2019, so naturally smoking under the stars would be part of the experience. I’d also like to: - try a dark fired tobacco - buy a bulldog shaped pipe Happy new year everyone.
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    Kiribi vs IM Corona

    So ive decided to splurge on a nice lighter and trying to decide between these two brands. Does anyone here own both and can say which they prefer? The difference in price doesn’t concern me if the IM Corona truly is better finished or performs better.
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    Dunhill Aperitif Underrated?

    I was able to pick up my first tin of Aperitif last week and have now smoked a few bowls. This is absolutely fantastic! A full smoke that is very well balanced and burns beautifully. Does anyone else think this blend is often overlooked because of more popular blends such as EMP, Elizabethan...
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    Dunhill Aperitif Underrated?

    sorry double post
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    A New Gripe With Peterson Christmas Pipe 03

    am i the only one who thinks its so cool to buy an irish-made pipe? i smoked my Peterson at an xmas party last week and it was a real conversation starter!
  7. M

    Peterson Pipes

    ^^^^ better post some pictures when they arrive or it didn’t happen! ;)
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    Favorite "Cheer Up" Tobacco

    i was in a similar situation as you last holiday season. By coincidence that’s when i bought my first pipe and converted from cigars. I’ve since found English blends comforting but i think the “alone time” to gather your thoughts is what’s most important. A nice glass of whisky certainly doesn’t...
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    New from New Hampshire

    Welcome Wendell, I’m a few hours north in Montreal. I always make sure to pick up a bottle of Scotch at the NH Liquor store on my way to Boston!
  10. M

    Peterson Pipes

    maybe my zig-zaggy pipe will be a collectible some day then! :) Regardless i’m a big fan of the brand including the tobaccos.
  11. M

    Peterson Pipes

    Ha i must be the only one who actually liked this “Donegal” Rustication! I found it unique and my 03 pipe smokes great.
  12. M

    Chacom Champagne Pipes?

    I own a Chacom “Elephant” straight billiard. It took a while to break in but might be the best smoker i have now. I would definitely get another.
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    What Is Your Favorite Cigar Brand?

    Great choices! My go-to cigar for a while was Nat Sherman “Timeless”. The Romacraft “Cromagnon” line is another favourite. Since I started smoking my pipes I’ve definitely been smoking way less cigars.
  14. M

    Christmas Trees

    great picture! my wife and I stick to real trees too. The scent is great.
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    RIP Nightcap

    i realize there are plenty of great blends out there but Nightcap will always have a special place for me. It was the first non-aro blend i tried and made me convert from cigars to pipes. Everything from the tin art, to the tin note to the smoke is perfect imho.