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    Prince Albert

    I would like to try Granger, but cannot find anywhere that sells bulk or a pouch to try. Cant see a whole tin without tasting...
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    Prince Albert

    It's time! Do it!
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    Prince Albert

    Amen!!! Took me almost a year to try, there's nothing sweeter than that first, early morning bowl of PA in my Grand Duke with the first cup of coffee. Yummmm. I have my truck (and dog), drink American Honey on ice, avoid wine, match water with cutting' firewood, replaced my belt with...
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    Captain Black

    Who said it was dry? :LOL: It did taste different tho...
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    Captain Black

    I really like the bulk version of Captain Black Original (white). I had a pouch that I opened about 2 years ago, didn't care too much for it, folded it up and put it on a shelf over my work bench. I found it a couple of months ago and tried a bowl. I realized I liked it better and I could smoke...
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    Cutting a Balsa Filter

    I have become a fan of the Aldo Velani balsa filters, like them more than the Savinelli balsa. I usually get 3-4 bowls from a new one, then I take it out and let it air dry on a paper towel for at least an overnight. It's usually good to go another 2-3 after that. I use them on my Grabow pipes...
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    Long-Winded Questions About Smoking a Pipe

    This from another new piper; take the stem out and draw on just the stem without a filter. If that's OK, just draw through the shank of the bowl. They should both draw wide open. It could be a small but easily fixable problem with the pipe.
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    Wife Found My Stash

    I've been married to my wife for 40 years. We both quit smoking in '79 before our kids were born. She has been through my "obsessions" (many Martin guitars, electric guitars & amps, chainsaws and other power equipment). We always joked that when I turned 70, I was gonna start smoking, but I...
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    What's Your Favorite Bulk Aromatic?

    Lane TK-6 Cherry
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    Do You Have that One Special Pipe?

    My Dr. Grabow Riviera quarter bent smooth.
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    1 Grabow for 1 Year (8/2/19)

    Merry Christmas Didi. Because of this thread, I bought my first Grabow - a Royalton Rustic. My second Grabow - a Riviera quarter bent is now my favorite pipe. I smoke it just about everyday.
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    Merry Christmas from New Jersey
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    What Does Your Scene Look Like?

    The view from my back patio
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    Do You Really Like to Smoke a Pipe With Filter

    ^^^^ I am prone to chain-smoking my pipe....especially when I'm processing firewood or doing yard projects.