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  1. mephistopheles

    Pipe Smoking for anxiety

    :rofl: Anxiety management was part of the reason I took up pipe smoking. As time goes on I find that I don't really need it for that purpose. It certainly helps though.
  2. mephistopheles

    Organize By Blend Or By Pipe?

    Try both at the same time. :wink:
  3. mephistopheles

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (August 2015)

    Rehydrated Granger in a Yello-Bole Nova.
  4. mephistopheles

    Pipe Rack Anyone?

    I didn't even notice the signet ring. I thought that finger was broken or flawed at first glance. Regardless, it looks like something you'd find in a serial killer's house. It's just missing a layer of human skin.
  5. mephistopheles

    Metal pipe day

    That E&G Airflow is glorious! Really digging the look of that one.
  6. mephistopheles

    Aros Why?

    Some aromatics are just plain delicious! Some are complex and some are not. Some are goopy with additives and some are not. There is a huge spectrum to aromatics just like all the other kinds of tobacco out there. Part of the appeal will always be in the room note for other people, but there are...
  7. mephistopheles

    I made a.... Bulldog?

    Love it! :clap:
  8. mephistopheles

    Man Builds Secret Pipe Smoking Lounge Behind Bookcase

    All it's missing is a Hawaiian Punch drinking fountain. :wink:
  9. mephistopheles

    Seriously...?The New Vauen Diamond Skeleton

    +1 Daimyo Agreed. As they say, "The Devil is in the details".
  10. mephistopheles

    Seriously...?The New Vauen Diamond Skeleton

    I like the non-skeletonized blue diamond version... Honestly though, I'm so tired of people using a 3D printer and then charging absurd prices for their products.
  11. mephistopheles

    Pipe Smoking Gadgets

    Thank you for the link, Phil. I looked into the hemp wick and the little glass bottles. Humboldt-Traders seems to be the most recommended hemp wick company. From what I've read the hemp ball in 2mm (the thickest available) seems to be the best for outdoor smoking. The 1mm size is marketed as...
  12. mephistopheles

    Daughters & Ryan Picayune

    Thanks for the word of warning/reminder. I haven't had any kind of luck when ordering bulk through them.
  13. mephistopheles

    Pipe Smoking Gadgets

    Hawke, where can one pick up a glass hemp lighter from?
  14. mephistopheles

    Some life changes,an update

    It's good to have you back, Griff. Persistence is key in those kinds of situations. I'm glad things are turning around for you. Best wishes.