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    Holy Grail X2 - GBD 357 Pedigree

    Very nice, still meet at the wooden match?
  2. martiniman

    Seeking Advice For The Local B&M

    Are you in PA? What shop?
  3. martiniman

    Tinsky 2014 Bengal Christmas pipe

    Nice pipe, WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Tsuge Pipes

    I have a silver trimmed poker that is a great smoker......
  5. martiniman

    Royal Oak Briars "Huntsman" Commission

    Great finish on a great shape. Well done....
  6. martiniman

    $200 Boswell's Pipe Cleaners!

  7. martiniman

    "Pipe mud"

    +1 on fireplace mortar.
  8. martiniman

    If That Is What You Are Selling, What Are You Smoking?

    If i see an unsmoked pipe or one in good shape at a B&M or on eBay and i can get a good price i will buy it even if i never intend on smoking it (maybe not my style). But I will sell/trade to get what I like. I never pass on a good deal........ :D Cheers,
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    Prayers For Guy In My Club

    Prayers sent my friend.....
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    1 + 1 = 2 COOL!

    Well done.
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    Looky Looky, -> -> Baccyporn!

    Well, Well, Well......................... how is it!
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    Question about ash color?

    Nail--------Head. You will have a hard time getting the fine white ash with a tobacco that has a casing (aros). Don't get caught up on the ash, just enjoy. Welcome aboard.