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    I use Stanwell 9mm activated charcoal filter mainly because I can get 200 for 12.50 euros from Estervals.They seem to have a tighter fit than many of the others.I change them after two smokes they work very well.I have a lot of 9mm pipes because I like Vaun and Stanwell pipes. I have now...
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    I use both 9mm and 6mm charcoal filters. 6mm I use in cobs and 9mm in Briars and meerschaums.I find filters IMO give a drier smoke and stops tongue bite without reducing the flavour or the draw.As an example, Mac Barens Scottish mixture used to bite me and generally inflame my mouth.With a...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2020?***

    Just had a delightful bowl of aged watch city 558 with my morning coffee.Smoked it in a Savinelli 9ml (grezza) waxed 315KS
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    Do You Have A Favourite Quick Meal?

    Tin of portuguese sardines in olive oil mashed up on hot toast and grilled for a few moments.I second Pauls spaghetti Aglio I Olio. if you want to impress and get laid add some prawns.
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    Independence Day or Fourth of July?

    4th July has a new significance for us Brits,it will be remembered as the day the pubs reopened after being shut for over three months.
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    What are You Watching?

    Kembleford is a very dangerous place,its nearly as bad as Causton where there is a murder every week! series nine has been confirmed.
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    What are You Watching?

    The Flying Greek-Double WW2 Ace Steve Pisanos talking about his life as a fighter pilot its on Youtube. The real story is about how a young Greek boy from Athens ran away to sea to fulfill his dream of learning to fly by emigrating to America in 1938. Its very funny 5/5
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    Union Square, Newminster Superior Navy Flake, and St. Bruno

    I have four tins of Union square ageing and one open.I love creamy red virginia.
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    What Are You Listening To? (June 2020)

    Iam listening to 'The local Honeys' a wonderful Kentucky Bluegrass band and remembering that a year ago on a hot English summers day I saw them live at a beer and bluegrass weekend.No music festivals this summer and no Real Ale for three months.:cry::cry:
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    Hello from Germany

    Welcome from England!
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    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2020?***

    Smoking a rusticated Qandale 315 Ks, and in it I have G&H US Dark Flake mixed with a sufficient quantity of Bjarne flake de luxe to keep me in a vertical position.
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    FVF Not Working For Me

    It’s great that we are all different.I have no love for Escudo or Elizabethan mixture both seem cigarette/ashy,I know that’s not the generally held opinion.As to FVF it’s hard work getting the drying right but worth it when you get that perfect bowl.
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    Vauen Video on Pipe Making

    I think it was the final salary indexed linked pension that drew her back to the factory.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2020?***

    Smoking a bowl of C&D Oriental silk in a beat up cob.
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    Opinel Folding Knives - Best Size

    Opinel nos 7 with a carbon steel blade made in France, sharp or what! Simplicity itself. Rodgers smokers knife made in Sheffield England in the original factory. A classic but it can wander,but usually turns up later.