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  1. magoo65

    Storing Flake Tobacco in Mason Jars?

    I bought some larger jars for the SG bulk flake boxes but ended up cutting the flakes to fit 8oz ball jars. It made sense to me to use more small jars instead of 1 large one so could leave them sealed until I was going to smoke them. Using 1 large box I figured I'd have to open it several...
  2. magoo65

    2013 Kansas City Pipe Show Pics

    Thanks for the pictures. I had planned on attending but couldn't make it. Looks like a good time.
  3. magoo65

    600 yards

    338 Win Mag, Lapua or Federal? I used to be huge into shooting until recently when prices have gone through the roof and reloading components are all but impossible to find. An Accuracy International in .338 Lapua was on my wish list... Still is I guess but I realize it'll be something I...
  4. magoo65

    Va/Per Blends

    There's a Va/Per showdown on another forum and I took those suggestions and started trying things. I'm new to this but here is what I've enjoyed and am cellaring: Escudo Dunhill De Luxe Navy Rolls McConnel Scottish Cake Sam Gawith St James Flake Orlik Golden Sliced I want to try GL Pease...
  5. magoo65

    They Repealed A Ban On Smoking

    Fixed it for ya
  6. magoo65

    Royal Yacht

    Someone on stated that life is too short for Royal Yacht since there's so many better Virginias out there to smoke. Being a big fan of all of Dunhill's lineup and since I love VAs, I bought 5 tins during P&C 2 for 1 sale last month. I felt let down by it. I had around 10...
  7. magoo65


    The only McConnell I've tried is the Scottish Cake and I did that because of the Va/Per showdown by Slow Tri on PSF. I've only had 1 tin so far and I really enjoyed it. I need to start taking notes because I can't recall much other than I really, really enjoyed it. The moisture was good right...
  8. magoo65

    Am I a "Smoker?" Advice Please.

    I've been following this thread with some interest and I had an experience yesterday that I thought I'd share. For work, we have an annual physical that's mandated by OSHA. We fill out the same huge packet every year... I should have made a copy of it to save myself an hour in the future...
  9. magoo65

    How Old Are You?

    I'm 31 for another couple weeks.
  10. magoo65

    Get Your Pipe Face On...

    I'm with you fellas. (I have no idea) but I like Jupiters answer.
  11. magoo65

    Open Tin

    Whenever I open a new tin, I prefer to immediately jar it. The reason is I typically have 3-4 tins open at a time and it could be a 2-3 weeks before I get through the whole tin. I also am able to smoke at work so I'm constantly grabbing my smoke stuff to take with me and it just works better...
  12. magoo65


    For me, it depends on how the smoke is developing. Sometimes I'm lucky and I get every last bit without trying too hard. Sometimes the taste gets ashy and I just dump what's left. Also, I've found that drawing while lighting that last little bit can be quite hot so personally, I don't worry...
  13. magoo65


    Do you instruct at a large school or a smaller one? What plane do you typically instruct in and what airline are you looking at? I went to ATP in Jax a couple years ago and stopped short of instructor because I herniated a disc and just haven't made it back yet to finish up... I'll probably need...
  14. magoo65


    My primary job is a firefighter. I've been doing this for 9 years and have been an engineer (driver) for most of my time. My engine covers a large retirement community, 3 hotels, 2 college campuses, 2 highways, 1 nursing home and several other gated communities. Oh and another nursing home...
  15. magoo65

    Baseball Fans?

    I'm originally from Kansas City and grew up watching them so I'll always be a Royals fan. I always time my visits so I can catch a game or three while I'm home.