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  1. LongHairDontCare

    Smoking and Altitude?

    I’ve noticed this a lot going up into the mountains, somewhere between 2500’ -5000’, and then again between 7000’, I have to pack a lot looser and smoke slower. But you can get the hang of it
  2. LongHairDontCare

    Memorial Day

    LCpl Niall Coti-Sears USMC Cpl Chad Smith USMC Fair winds and following seas, Until Valhalla...
  3. LongHairDontCare

    Peterson Weird Curve...Normal?

    It looks like cast on/off on a shotgun. So I guess it all depends on whether you’re using your left or right hand. And lead it smoothly!
  4. LongHairDontCare

    Cornell & Diehl Purple Cow Review

    If I remember correctly, most of the smokiness was from the cigar leaf, with just a barely perceptible bit of Latakia
  5. LongHairDontCare

    A New Castello Provides ZERO Taste... WTF!

    It sounds like it just needs to be broken in. Keep smoking it
  6. LongHairDontCare

    Wardog Introduction

    Welcome, from central Arkansas
  7. LongHairDontCare

    Order from KBV Held Up by USPS for Two Weeks?

    I had an order from him on the same day, and mine got through to me no sweat. I think it got to me by the 7th. The good news is, I don’t think anyone is better about making good on a missing package than KBV, so worst case scenario, if it doesn’t get to you, he’ll take care of you.
  8. LongHairDontCare

    Cornell & Diehl Purple Cow Review

    Great review. I thought the cigar in purple cow was really dark, but I liked it. If you want to try a blend with cigar, but without Latakia, you should try c&d seersucker. It’s a plug, and it’s usually damp, but it’s very...interesting. Also, Warped the Haunting is just cigar leaf and Virginia...
  9. LongHairDontCare

    Warped: Sarto

    I don’t think so, I don’t think it said it has any cigar leaf. The warped blends I’ve tried have all been ok, but I don’t know if I see the point in one without any cigar leaf
  10. LongHairDontCare

    Looking for Oriental Blend Recommendations

    My favorites from what I’ve found and tried are Sunday picnic, embarcadero, and regents flake. Then for one with just a little bit of Latakia, Presbyterian. But the Presbyterian is absolutely worth trying, even if you don’t like Latakia. If you can handle just a smidge more Latakia, C&Ds...
  11. LongHairDontCare

    Apparently Dunhill Did Make A Pipe I Would Keep💀

    It looks like the shank to stem transition is flawless...maybe they were out of sanding discs that day
  12. LongHairDontCare

    What Makes Brown Flake Just That?

    Just a heads up, for brown flake u/s. Absolutely great stuff. But, if you have a pipe that absolutely sings with all of your Va/Per/DFKs, like Scottish Flake, HoTW, old Gowrie, penny farthing, etc, and you think the U/S might not ghost it, you could be very mistaken. I now have a pipe that has a...
  13. LongHairDontCare

    The Price of Lumber

    That’s been a problem on commercial jobs for years, and I can’t imagine it’s getting any better now. They’re know as “the plywood thieves” and they spent a few years hitting various jobs across the state, with a semi and their own Gradall. They’d take out every bunk of plywood on the job. Crazy...
  14. LongHairDontCare

    The Price of Lumber

    I went to pick up a few sheets of plywood a few weeks ago and just about made a mess in my britches. 1/2” CDX was $55 a sheet. That is absolutely ridiculous
  15. LongHairDontCare

    Orlik Golden Sliced Fresh vs. Aged

    In my rather limited experience with it, I didn’t find a huge difference between fresh to about two years old. I actually just popped a tin a few days ago, that is something like a year and a half old, and it’s still good and citrus-y. I can’t help you with anything older than a couple of years...