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  1. layinpipe

    Haven't come around here for awhile

    Well now that's a horse of a different color! Foot is now being inserted into mouth.
  2. layinpipe

    Hunters! It's High Summer...

    Heading down to our hunt club in NC this weekend for a pig pickin' and some manly fun, actually. Our 120+ year old club owns around 11 thousand acres of beautiful North Cackilacky wilderness that we hunt on. I have a lifetime license since birth to hunt in NC and my grandfather and father have...
  3. layinpipe

    For Those of You Looking for Penzance

    Lol, thanks (pipe)buddy!!! Although Sable is a fountain of pipe knowledge, there's something about hordes of virgins and peyote that just fits. If you find those virgins and magic buttons, let me know and we'll have a groovy time and party like it's 1969!!!! :mrgreen:
  4. layinpipe

    Haven't come around here for awhile

    Good to have you back, compadre! Didn't know we shared the same name either, lol, and it's even spelled correctly. I hate when people default to the "Cory" spelling, like it's the ONLY way to spell the name. Hahahahahaha, almost spit my Woodford Reserve all over the keyboard on that one!!! :rofl:
  5. layinpipe

    Have to share this...

    Very cool pics, buddy, thanks for sharing. Good to see you back in the saddle again here on the forums.
  6. layinpipe

    Another Ashton Bulldog "Streamliner" Stem

    George, i am truly impressed with your skills and you did a bang up job to say the least on this Ashton. Bill would have been extremely proud. I wonder, have you considered a hand at the other part of the pipe, the "business end" per say? If you were half as good with briar as you are with stem...
  7. layinpipe

    For Those of You Looking for Penzance

    Ok Sable, yours was better stated than mine, but the ritualistic psychadelic process still applies. :mrgreen:
  8. layinpipe

    For Those of You Looking for Penzance

    You must sacrifice 10 virgins and do the no pants penzance trance lance dance in the desert after eating 3 buttons of peyote in order to be subject to the mystical prowess of the legendary overrated Frenzance. Good luck in your quest, young padowan...
  9. layinpipe

    Bring Back Rule Number Nine

    Us and Them And after all we're only ordinary men Me, and you God only knows it's not what we would choose to do Forward he cried from the rear and the front rank died And the General sat, as the lines on the map moved from side to side Black and Blue And who knows which is which and...
  10. layinpipe

    Some Pleasant Music to Smoke By...

    Agreed, kind sir. I would also throw in Down's NOLA and Down II as well. They go nice with anything dark and english. Or a black tooth grin. :mrgreen: RIP Dime
  11. layinpipe

    Today Was A Good Day

    I felt on the big fat fanny, pulled out the jammy, and killed the punanny... ahhhh twas a good day indeed. :lol:
  12. layinpipe

    Man Cave Progress

    I used to be a big fan of uchi mata and hit it fairly often while rolling and even in a couple tourneys. I also really like the drop seo nagi, especially since it really requires complete committal to execute properly. That is where most screw it up, lol! Keep working on that mancave and on the...
  13. layinpipe

    Michigan morning to ya gents!

    Ay, the beard is strong with this one indeed. 8)
  14. layinpipe

    Bring Back Rule Number Nine

    Ahhh Dave, if only more of society would follow your excellent advice. The majority on here do and are wonderful human beings, but out there it is a sick sad world indeed. "So shines a good deed in a weary world".
  15. layinpipe

    Some Pleasant Music to Smoke By...

    I prefer the soothing sounds of Pantera's fine album entitled "Vulgar Display of Power". 'Tis very relaxing when puffing the pipe. Those boys of Pantera were quite the adorable bunch of whippersnappers.