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  1. kylef

    ***What Are You Smoking, Sept. 2020?

    Peretti's Blend 1072 in my new Ropp Etudiant. Very nice.
  2. kylef

    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2020?***

    Not that hot here today in coastal Massachusetts, but it's super-humid, so I went with the driest stuff I have: Vincent Manil-Reserve du Patron in my MM hardwood. A very pleasant smoke.
  3. kylef

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2020?***

    Sutliffe Burma Road in my Kaywoodie.
  4. kylef

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2020?***

    Sutliffe Revelation Match in my St. Claude. I'm becoming really partial to the old-school American blends.
  5. kylef

    Post-Smoking Mouth Care

    Water rinse and gargle after smoking. Beyond that, I just brush morning and night, and floss daily.
  6. kylef

    ***What Are You Smoking? March 2020***

    Murray's 1810 Belfast in my Savinelli petite rusticated, and watching lots of pipe-smoking in The Quiet Man. puffy
  7. kylef

    Avoiding The Charring Light

    Same here.
  8. kylef

    LJ Peretti Tobacco

    I have not heard anything since I posted that--not sure what the status if.
  9. kylef

    ***What Are You Smoking? March 2020***

    Watch City Quint's Own in my St. Claude straight billiard. I really love these semi-sweet blends with a touch of latakia.
  10. kylef

    ***What Are You Smoking? March 2020***

    Country Squire Hunting Creek in a St. Claude straight billiard. First time trying this blend, and thumbs up. I really like everything I've tried from them.
  11. kylef

    Kramers Blend For Cary Grant

    Yep, love this blend and this style, with some sweetness and just enough latakia to add some complexity. Murray's 1810 Belfast is very similar.
  12. kylef

    ***What Are You Smoking? February 2020.***

    Newminster Danish Gold in my new totally awesome $25 old French St. Claude from Ken Byron Ventures (and he's got a bunch of them!)
  13. kylef

    ***What Are You Smoking? February 2020.***

    Ken Byron Ventures, Spaghetti Western 2: The English Villain. I had never heard of this blender until I saw jiminks mention him, and I put in an order. Very nice and smooth, with latakia prominent but not overpowering. As advertised, it really does taste like leather, smoke and whiskey. I...
  14. kylef

    ***What Are You Smoking? February 2020.***

    First time trying Watch City's Nor'easter. Tastes very much like Peretti's Cambridge Flake. And as that's one of my absolute favorites, I'm not complaining! I really love these flakes that are rich, smooth and mellow with just a hint of latakia.
  15. kylef

    ***What Are You Smoking? February 2020.***

    MacBaren Golden Brown Burley-London Blend in my Peterson Bent Dublin. Not the most complex tobacco, but it's a pleasant burley with some mild cocoa/honey notes.