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  1. koscak

    home made tamper

    My first attempt at tampers :) , i wish to learn how to make quality an nice looking pipe tampers.Work on this one is not yet complete.
  2. koscak

    Future Pipemaking Icons

    Gregor Lobnik
  3. koscak

    Under-Rated Pipes

  4. koscak


    This is famus vodka from my country ( slovenia ) : Slovenia vodka made with buckwheat
  5. koscak

    What Languages do You Speak?

    Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, English and a little German
  6. koscak

    My Good Discovery in an Antique Store

    I forgot to write some details ;),name of pipe is brebbia classica rubino serie 1007
  7. koscak

    My Good Discovery in an Antique Store

    When I was on vacation last week, I found this great pipe and it paid only 15 Euro (20$), do you have any experience with brebbia pipes?
  8. koscak

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    civil engineer ,currently unemployed :( so no pads and tads in the near future :/
  9. koscak

    I Am Tired of the Show Off Threads

    Me and my wife on wedding day 24.04.2010 in Ptuj castle
  10. koscak

    Great Photos Thread

  11. koscak

    What Are You Smoking? May 2013

    Skandinavik exotic in mr brog 51 amigo made of wild pear from ireland
  12. koscak

    Home Grown Tobacco

    Thanks Rothnh,this is my first testing year :)ihope not last one.
  13. koscak

    Home Grown Tobacco

    Hello, this is my badischer geudertheimer 2 monts and 4 days old , i have only one problem no direct sunlight only 1-2 hours of sunlight.
  14. koscak

    Where Are You Located?

    Hello this is my town: Novo mesto , the town was founded on 07.04.1365, same day as university of wiena by Rudolf IV. Habsburg. Green one is my block of flats : This is castle Otocec from year 1252 : This is wine Cellar Metlika: This is river Kolpa: We have many old castles, excellent...
  15. koscak

    Let's Have Some Fun! Tobaccos You HATE!

    sail black - black swamp