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  1. keith929

    ***What Are You Smoking?*** (November, 2019)

    C&D Stratforshire in a cob.
  2. keith929

    Forever Stems Now For Non-filtered MM Cobs.

    All but a few of my cobs have forever stems. Having been a clincher for 50 years forever stems are a must.
  3. keith929

    Another Rad Davis For The Collection

    Harris,because of you my Rad Davis now stands at 17. My goal is 21. That way I will have a three week rotation. I also have 1970s Caminettos in my collection. I agree they are really great smokers.
  4. keith929

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (May 2019)

    C&D Stratforshire in a cob.
  5. keith929

    How Do You Resist PAD?

    Resistance is futile. PAD is a chronic condition. :puffy:
  6. keith929

    What Music Are You Listening To ~ December 2018

    White Christmas - The Temptations
  7. keith929

    Can you guys smoke a full bowl without drinking something?

    I always drink water or coffee when enjoying a bowl.
  8. keith929

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (December 2018)

    Old Dark Fired in a cob.
  9. keith929

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2018 Thread!

    I mailed the package today. I received mine about 2-3 weeks ago.
  10. keith929

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (December 2018)

    C&D in a Rad Davis lovat.
  11. keith929

    Castello Find

    What a steal.
  12. keith929

    Talbert Vampire

    On my short list of pipes I would like to own. :mrgreen:
  13. keith929

    My collection (so far)

    You are on that dangerous path that leads to PAD. :twisted:
  14. keith929

    Peterson Pipes Has A New Owner.....

    As an owner of several Peterson pipes I can't wait to purchase another. As someone before me stated "I have never had one that smoked badly". I welcome the change. :clap:
  15. keith929

    New from Norway

    Greetings bottils.Welcome.