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  1. K

    HU tobaccos

    sablebrush52 Which store do they supply?
  2. K

    Failure to taste Virginia's

    Have you tried some decade old stuff?
  3. K

    Hillbilly has been a ponderin'

    16 oz bag of HH Acadian Perique or Old Gowrie. Or Peretti's No 8, it comes in a 16 oz tin. Pease blends come in 16 oz too in some cases. As for pipes,
  4. K

    2 Mortas And An Egg

    The first one is beautiful, and the stem shape on the third is outstanding. Have you ever made a reverse calabash?
  5. K

    Failure to taste Virginia's

    Here is a good set of filters for tobaccoreviews.
  6. K

    Failure to taste Virginia's

    Beacon Extra for VaPer and Brown Twist Sliced for Virginia. Try those.
  7. K

    Pipe Tobacco Top Seller Known?

    mawnansmiff Tobaccoreviews attracts connoisseurs, while the sales ratings are most likely decided by the mass.
  8. K

    Do Juma stems oxidize? This came up
  9. K

    Burley Negatives; Why Not Burley?

    I like Burleys, although Peretti's Burleys destroyed my mouth. What's the difference between dark and light?
  10. K

    Pipe Tobacco Top Seller Known?

    One should take in account that people don't cellar 1Q as intensely as they cellar FVF and some other stuff. That might have some effect on the results
  11. K

    The Coolest Looking Tobacco I Ever Bought

    That is some good stuff.
  12. K

    What Are Your Favorite Non-VA Tobaccos?

    Motzek's Tom's Dark Twist, Gawith Kendal Kentucky, Peretti's Tashkent, Uhle's 00, Aged Burley Flake, Wessex Burley slice, McClelland Classic Samsun. If I recall correctly Brebbia Balka and Sillem's London don't have Virginia either, never had those though.
  13. K

    What About Adding Fresh Tobacco On Top Of Dottle?

    Most of us throw it away, I suppose. I do not see a problem with you trying it and seeing how it goes, it certainly won't cause damage not to you, nor to your pipe. If there is too much dottle, smoking drier tobacco might help.
  14. K

    Mold prevention for homemade blends.

    What are some methods employed for mold prevention? I am thinking of preparing a homemade blend. Apparently Motzek use salt for that purpose. What are other ways I could approach this?
  15. K

    Another great carver

    What an absolute beast.