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  1. jrenko

    Plum Pudding - a Conundrum

    My wife say some blends smell more then others but there is no complaints and she lets me smoke inside when i want so i am a happy man.
  2. jrenko

    Lighter vs matches

    These days i use my old boy lighter but i used to use matches alot before. I think there is a special feeling when using matches. Also the flame holds a lower temperature vs the lighter.
  3. jrenko

    What Will Become of Your Cellar When You Pass?

    When i am gone i am not going to worry what happens to my pipes or cellar. My wife can throw it in the trash if she wants to.
  4. jrenko

    Rehydrated Bone Dry Tobacco Still Burns so Hot, Any Recommendations??

    What blend is it? How long did you dry it before you smoked it?
  5. jrenko

    Time for an Artisan Pipe ?

    Nate King is worth taking a look at also.
  6. jrenko

    If You Could Name Your Own Tobacco Blend...

    I would love to do some crazy aromatics. Rudolf the smokey christmas bear Santa and the christmas tree murder Easter bunny popcorn party
  7. jrenko

    When Was The Last Time You Bought A Blend That Was New To You?

    Bought two new tins yesterday. HU Tobacco Soraya and Dan Tobacco Rainer Barbi Memorial Blend. The first is a oriental and the last is a aromatic.
  8. jrenko

    YOU: Stranded On A Deserted Island w/ 1 Pipe and 1 Mixture

    Frog Morton and apple by Former.
  9. jrenko

    Advice Needed

    At 53 years of age i am sure you can smoke a couple of bowl each day without worrying about dying any quicker. Also life is to short go worry about getting sick and such things. You might fall in the stairs tomorrow and break your neck. You never know when it's your time so start enjoy life and...
  10. jrenko

    Samuel Gawith B.S. Flake

    It's sad that The Danish Pipeshop Don't ship outside Denmark anymore, lucky me i have a few tins in my cellar a will pick up a few more in March and this coming summer. I bet that it was to become a huge success if avalible everywere. It's a fantastic blend if you ask me and i was just blown...
  11. jrenko

    What Do You Like Or Dislike About An Oom Paul?

    I have seen both good and bad ones. But not a shape i think i will ever buy
  12. jrenko

    Pipes and Coffee

    Yeah great stuff! Dont tell me you like it all bitter and black? :lol: :wink:
  13. jrenko

    Pipes and Coffee

    This is the only love i have for coffee.
  14. jrenko

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    Smoking some Bengal slices in a sandblasted Andreas Bennwik.
  15. jrenko

    Anyone else not smoking as much because of the cold?

    There is not enough clothes in the world to keep me warm for 1-2 hours sitting outside in the middle of the winter. So i am a lucky man who have the option to smoke inside.