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    Lane 1-Q

    Oops, I meant "definitely a new pipe smoker"
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    Lane 1-Q

    Not a question but diffidently a beginner here. Having my first bowl of Lane 1-Q right now and WOW! So much better then the OTC stuff I have bought and smoked previously. I bought a tin of 4th Generation Family Reserve and H&H White Knight. Hopefully they will be as good and I can keep expanding...
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    Room for One More?

    Welcome from Bama
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    Howdy from Lincoln Nebraska!

    Welcome from Alabama
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    Hello from Maryland

    Welcome from Alabama
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    Hello from Nova Scotia Canada

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Hello from Colorado!

    Welcome from Bama
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    Picked up Some New Pouches Yesterday

    @tschiraldi I tried my first bowl of PA this afternoon and I think I actually like it better than Carter Hall, but I still need time to see where my tastes develop.
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    Pipes and Coffee

    I’m new to this but every morning for the past week (+) I’ve had a bowl while drinking my “bullet Proof” coffee on my back deck. Been a good way to start my day.
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    Picked up Some New Pouches Yesterday

    I want to try some SWR but have not been able to find any locally, as of yet.
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    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (April 2019)

    I’m a newbie but I had my second bowl of Carter Hall this morning in an old Bru-Bu
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    My first experience

    As a new smoker I also do not get any real flavors other than tobacco smoke. I still find the whole experience very relaxing and I look forward to the times when I can burn up a bowl.
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    Picked up Some New Pouches Yesterday

    The briar is my Great Grandfathers Bru-Bu
  14. J

    Picked up Some New Pouches Yesterday

    I scored some Prince Albert, Half & Half and Carter Hall yesterday at a discount tobacco store. All less than $3 a pouch. I’ve had 2 bowls of Carter Hall so far, one in a MM Cob and one in an old briar. Undecided about the Carter Hall but I’m new to all of this so I’m probably just slow. It was...
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    Anyone 3d Printing Pipes, Tampers, Lighter Cases?

    Ok, I like the idea. The pipe accessories like stands and tamps can be made inexpensively and in interesting shapes PLUS the pipe idea is intriguing as well. The pipe could be a true “beater” type. I’d love to see some pictures.