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  1. josephcross

    Are You Purchasing More Or Less Tobacco Currently?

    Glad youre still going at the cubes and puzzles. Currently working on a megaminx I got for my birthday. Im still buying tins, though I seem to be putting more of my tobacco money into my favorite cigars. Ive definitly got enough to last me quite a while. It may not outlive me, but I certainly...
  2. josephcross

    Wife Found My Stash

    I don’t hide my tobacco buying or anything pipe related. It’s so normalized in my house at this point that my wife suggests going to buy cigars or having a look at pipes, and I have my kids helping me with restorations.
  3. josephcross

    Rattray's Hal O' The Wynd (Original)

    Hal is a trusty blend. I always try to pick up a tin or two whenever its in stock.
  4. josephcross

    Got Married

    Congrats to both of you, that pipe is awesome!
  5. josephcross

    MB Old Dark Fired Plug Cut

    I bought a few before I realized they were limited. I would have bought them regardless because plugs are a great format, and ODF is a favourite.
  6. josephcross

    Samuel Gawith 1972

    Its great stuff. If I could find it for 22$ a tin, here in Vancouver, I wouldnt think twice. Not that I need any more of it, but can you ever have enough of it....
  7. josephcross

    Meet the New James Bond

    I think Disney should go all out and do the Hans Christian Anderson version.
  8. josephcross

    What is the Aromatic you keep in your Rotation?

    Ennerdale/Grasmere, GLP The Vanilla Cream, and occasionally Ill smoke some Deep Hollow or Holiday Spirit.
  9. josephcross

    Very sad news

    RIP banjo. I will miss your posts, and beautiful pipes.
  10. josephcross

    Can I Disable My Account?

    Dont let one apple, (or two or three) spoil the bunch. Best of luck to whatever you decide.
  11. josephcross

    Can I Disable My Account?

    Is there a reason you want to leave? I really enjoyed the Dunhill pics you put up.
  12. josephcross

    GLP Haddo's Delight Mini-Review

    The flavour is the thing I like most about this blend, but its also the thing I dislike about it. I find the initial third of the bowl tasty, anyone but after about halfway through I just kinda wish it would go away. I want to like it more than I do, and maybe one day I will, but for now my...
  13. josephcross

    War Horse Bar from the Late 60's - Group Tasting

    Just got home from a camping trip. Among the thousands of flyers stuffed into my mailbox I found it. The horse had arrived. Im very excited to try this one out. Ill report back after I get a bowl into me. Thanks Ash!
  14. josephcross - Are They Still In Business?

    Ive never had a problem with 4noggins. Maybe because I live in Canada and Im used to things taking a while to get here.