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  1. johnnyrebel

    Ever Hear of Red Cap

    Well I for one enjoy Red Cap. I've only had the regular, I found it to be quite enjoyable. It might not have a 'depth' of flavor. Its a good smoke, It doesn't taste like cigarettes or anything at all. In my humble opinion I could consider this a pipe tobacco. I find it to be a very honest...
  2. johnnyrebel

    Meerschaums "Your Best Advice/Tip"

    The best advice/tip I have about Meerschaums you already took, you went out and bought one!! :puffy:
  3. johnnyrebel

    Vintage Cars...Anyone?

    I've currently been in the market for a Austin Sprite, or a Nash Metro. Im just a sucker for them for some reason! When it comes down to it, who doesn't love a vintage car? All that chrome and style..boy, makes you wonder what car makers are thinking these days!!
  4. johnnyrebel

    Looking at Carey Pipes this Morning

    I can't speak for the Carey's Blends, but i do have a couple of their pipes and i think they're a slept on brand that usually aren't sought after. Take for instance a Falcon or a Kirsten, they'll fight for a crappy one on ebay. Where as i've gotten my Carey's for almost nothing and have been...
  5. johnnyrebel

    Tarred and Feathered! (Cleaning & Polishing) Pipe Rim.

    So this weekend i picked up some quite fancy estate pipes, and they have substantial amounts of carbon on the rims. It seems like when i go ahead with cleaning the rim(the classic spit shine method), i find that the rim is usually rather dull. To my actual question now, i was wondering if the...
  6. johnnyrebel

    1-22-13 Pipe Night Report

    Very nice! I'll have to stop in sometime if i ever get the chance!
  7. johnnyrebel

    Lighting a Bowl - Cherry in the Center?

    There is no doubt that a half lit bowl is an annoyance, and i too prefer a very tidy rim. What i do is just smoke as usual and then take a Qtip and clean the bowl off after im done with my smoke. I've never charred any of my rims before..or at least i wouldn't consider it charring. I prefer to...
  8. johnnyrebel

    Why do I like captain Black (White)???

    CBW was one of my first blends i had. At first i thought it was horrible, but it grew on me and since im not a fan of their price i enjoy RLP-6 which in my opinion is one of the closest bulks to CBW.
  9. johnnyrebel

    Missouri Meerschaum

    I've always had good luck with beeswax and having a smoke in it, though its not always a perminant fix and may need to be done again if you remove the stem. Though the stems aren't expensive or rare anyhow for MM, so it wouldn't hurt to give the heat treatment a try.
  10. johnnyrebel

    Not Enough Curse Words For This!!!!

    In good news, this is how new family airlooms start? :wink:
  11. johnnyrebel

    Advice Needed!

    One word...COMOYS, but i'll second the notion for an older GBD...Great smokers. Im sure whatever you get it'll be a great pipe anyhow.
  12. johnnyrebel

    How to activate GodMode in Windows 7

    haha, that took me a second! :lol:
  13. johnnyrebel

    Scandanavian Tobacco Sample

    I put in an order for the Troost, wanted to give that a try. I plan on picking up a big tin of Sail anyhow. I didn't know that Sail Yellow had oriental in it..i'll have to get my hands on some of that!
  14. johnnyrebel

    Scandanavian Tobacco Sample

    My first pouch was Sail Regular, so of course its got a place in my heart now! Been wanting to try Troost, what do you guys suggest or have to comment on it? (sorry if this puts us off topic.)
  15. johnnyrebel

    Tobacco Tins....Sealed.....or NOT???

    I had brought this up a week ago when i got myself an unopened tin. Personally i like the idea of putting the piece of paper over the seal like they used to do with tins and alcohol. I believe its the tax stamp? Anyhow, that seems to be a pretty full proof way of dealing with that in my opinion...