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  1. johnnyiii

    My New Lighter. NSFW

    STILL LAUGHING AS I TYPE. FUNNY TEARS OOZING OUT OF EYES. like a bad accident though I kinda gotta know also.
  2. johnnyiii

    First Smoke in a Briarworks/Moonshine Morta

    I litteraly had my third briar pipe smoke that way when I first got it. It was actually quite nasty. I put some a cotton ball then sweet and cure" in it for a little while and let it dry. A newbie then and a bit scared I was messing up. It never acted up again. Moral of story give it a clean...
  3. johnnyiii

    Are You Purchasing More Or Less Tobacco Currently?

    I have been so tempted to go to my local farmer who grows it and determin what he is growing and beg for a leaf or two.
  4. johnnyiii

    Are You Purchasing More Or Less Tobacco Currently?

    I have a stash of every type, but not make and model for every tobacco. I still keep a large amount of my daily smoke and add to that stash when I can IN CASE THE BOTTOM DROPS OUT. The governor of virginia for example despite voter wishes is reported to be mandating a huge cigar and pipe tobacco...
  5. johnnyiii

    Anyone Else Not A Fan Of The P-Lip

    I like peterson pipes. Muscular and sharp and most under 200.00. Many under 150.00 Sometimes the one I love only has a P Lip. Like in the premiere serries +1 to cutting it off.
  6. johnnyiii

    How to Keep Unfinished Pipe From Browning

    Hi All, As I have pondered it I would conclude with everyone. I ruled out wax as I thought more. The only way to keep it as is would be not to smoke it. That would just be :crazy: I liked the new stem comment... thought of that to but thought a creamy stem. I have several with a black stem...
  7. johnnyiii

    How to Keep Unfinished Pipe From Browning

    Hi All, Been looking at the Peterson Burren Line. A awesome virgin briar but with a brown wood grain acrylic stem. An awesome pairing out of the box but I think I might not like it so much after the bowl browns. Brown bowl Brown stem seems to much. But the virgin white(Ish) to that stem...
  8. johnnyiii

    Keeping open tins fresh

    Walmart has great deals on jars. You have the larger quart jars good for 8+ oz Pint Jars good for 4oz Half pint jars awesome for tins and 1-2oz baggies. I also keep two 1/2 pints in my truck for my two daily smokes. I didn't read all the post but ASSuME someone said the tobacco will last what...
  9. johnnyiii

    Paul's Pipe Shop and Hospital

    Whenever I go out of town, somewhat rare, I always google search for "Pipe Shops" in the area. I unfortunately only get cigarette shops selling pot pipes. If I ever have an occasion to travel to your area, I am sure I will have forgotten this post, but hope they come up on the google search. : )...
  10. johnnyiii

    Restored This Dr. Grabow Commodore - Pic Heavy

    Indeed to add to the rest... awesome job. You made that first one worthy of a formal night out. ; ) I once saw a used pipe for sale that had a 30year old bowl pack inside. The guy said I don't smoke and I thought it would add to the nostalgia. I said EWWWW.
  11. johnnyiii

    Question on Flame Grain pipes

    My preferred grain is straight or flame over birds eye for the most part. Probably the carpenter in me. If you look close at a good birds eye you can see faces ... or should I lay off the alcohol. As far as smoking I think stem material has more effect then the cut of wood. I have two Savinelli...
  12. johnnyiii

    STOLEN PIPES from Chicago Pipe Show

    I wouldn't walk around Chicago with 40.00 bucks in my pocket. GOD Bless him...hope he is insured. It couldn't replace..but could help.
  13. johnnyiii

    Treasures In The Garage

    Leave it to Cosmic to recognize the missing lathe. I was to busy drooling over the other stuff. ESPECIALLY the SWEEEEET PIPE NPOD. This is the second post today, where I got to say Sweet pipe. Its a good day. You must not have stayed long though to only need THREE.
  14. johnnyiii


    I like G&H Brown flake unscented ... if I could keep it lit. A slightly aromatic tobacco is about 75% your favorite va + 25% BCa G&H Black and Brown is also slightly aromatic but very tobacco like. Those are the three I smoke when I want more tobacco less sweet.
  15. johnnyiii

    A Gorgeous Cutty

    You see a lot of churchwarden length pipes but many I see are all stem little briar. That's a lot of BRIAR. ; ) would have loved to seen the block it came from. Sweeeet Pipe ; )