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  1. jerryskid47

    Jar Size to Tobacco Amount Ratio

    From what I’m seeing though there isn’t any harm in packing it to the brim, correct? I’m kind of in the same boat that I just don’t have room for any more jars.
  2. jerryskid47

    Aged Wessex Campaign

    Recently had this for the first time last week. Now I'm trying to figure out what the hell I've been doing all this time
  3. jerryskid47

    Dunhill Shilling Pipe

  4. jerryskid47

    Dunhill Shilling Pipe

    Some of the nomenclature.
  5. jerryskid47

    Dunhill Shilling Pipe

    Sorry!! Here are some pics.
  6. jerryskid47

    Dunhill Shilling Pipe

    I recently bought one of these at an estate sale. Date code is 36. Other than that, I don’t know much about it, or it’s value. I’ve found some rather vague info, and not many up on the ‘Bay. Any insight on these? Thanks in advance.
  7. jerryskid47

    Favorite Arms Manufacturer

    I only wish I caught the pipe bug long before I caught the gun bug. I'm a big H&K and Sig fan. My P228 and P220 West Germans are two of my favorites, and I really dig my Legions. I came across two old P9S (one in 9mm, one in .45), I'll eventually get those over to the gunsmith for a full...
  8. jerryskid47

    A Law Is Passed Making Pipe Tobacco Illegal- How Does Your Life Change?

    I would buy up all that I can until the law goes into effect. It would seriously take up any, and all free space in my house. After the wife leaves me for buying all this excess tobacco, I fill up all the new space left by her stuff being gone, AND I get to finally smoke in the house.
  9. jerryskid47

    Infinity Jars

    I bought a good amount of tobacco of a guy who was getting out of pipe smoking. In the package was a gallon bag with a loose blend in it. He threw it in as a freebie and said his buddy made the blend out of extra stuff he had lying around and he has no idea exactly what it is. I named it...
  10. jerryskid47

    Burley and Va Burley

    Ugh. I guess I better order more than two then! Thanks for the heads up.
  11. jerryskid47

    Burley and Va Burley

    I had recently had the 4th Generation 1931 by Eric Stokkebye. I immediately ordered two more tins to store. High recommend.
  12. jerryskid47

    Pick Up A Rinaldo

    I recently scored a couple of Rinaldo estate pipes cheap on eBay. My good buddy told me about the brand and that they’re great pipes. He wasn’t lying. After a good cleaning on both, the very first smoke out of each was better than many of the pipes I already have. I am a big fan now.
  13. jerryskid47

    Restaining Question

    I am about to try restaining a couple of pipes. Would I cover up the nickel bands first with painters tape or something similar? Or can it simply be cleaned off after the fact? Thanks in advance.
  14. jerryskid47

    Messed Up Rim/Bowl

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob I had recently gotten some older Peterson pipes on the cheap. When they arrived, I saw exactly why. I am new to cleaning/restoring pipes, and I needed ones like these to practice on. The interior of the bowls on a couple look as if the...
  15. jerryskid47

    Peterson System Pipe Stem Won't Budge

    It does look a little like there is significant gunk on the inside. Tips to dislodge?