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  1. jayh

    Bohemian Scandal Alternatives

    Never had scandal, loved renaissance. Ultimately, I just miss the taller tins...silly, but I liked them.
  2. jayh

    July 2011 - What are you Smoking?

    2 bowls of PS English Oriental Supreme 1 bowl of 1-Q.
  3. jayh

    July 2011 - What are you Smoking?

    Samovar in a Luciano.
  4. jayh

    For the Coffee Heads

    press coffee, all day, pretty bold, black. I picked up the habit from working in a couple record shops and the record library of my college radio station. Is Cafe Bustelo a tin can variety or is it a premium coffee? I'm always trying new coffee.
  5. jayh updated website

    I liked the format. Id like to be able to search by style or get similar mixture recommendations to review. Thats such a nebulous topic though. If P&T stands for I worry. They have one of the least attractive websites I've ever seen. I already don't like the new banner on...
  6. jayh


    I bought my first stanwell a few weeks ago. It's as mechanically well crafted as any Castello or, Dunhill I've ever owned. I'll be buying a 2nd of the same pipe for certain. (i made the mistake early on of buying pipes that I though others would see as cool or wonderful. I ended up with...
  7. jayh

    Beards and Pipes

    I'll turn 28 on Wednesday, I'll be 56 before a beard is an option.
  8. jayh

    July 2011 - What are you Smoking?

    PS English Oriental Supreme/MC 5110 I had mixed up probably a couple ounces of this and it been great, though I feel guilty mixing if I'm offending the creators.
  9. jayh

    Lucite vs. Vulcanite

    Prefer the Lucite stems for looks, vulcanite for feel. The Castello lucite mix is the perfect middle ground.
  10. jayh

    Jeff Gracik Pipe Making Demo at the Kansas City Pipe Show 2011

    Are there any photos of the finished pipe?
  11. jayh

    Picture of a pleasant evening.

    Anyone else think (even with a well used stem) that this is one hell of a basket pipe? Oval Shank, saddle bit, nice bend, rounded top rather than flat machined rim...looks like a nice "old" Stanwell at the eye test.
  12. jayh

    June 2011 - What are you Smoking? II

    PS English Oriental Supreme then, on a hybrid suggestion from a previous thread A bowl of MC 5110 mixed with PS English Oriental Supreme 50/50. WOW!!!
  13. jayh

    What is your favorite lighter

    ive only used matches for the past few months. other than matches, ive only used cheap bic's.
  14. jayh

    What is your perfect smoking setting?

    anywhere I can relax and its not too windy. for me smoking outside is a marital requirement. I really enjoy sitting on my deck, or my father-in-laws deck. my all time favorite though is in a lawn chair perched on the dam of the pond at my childhood home. last summer I went out there to...
  15. jayh

    June 2011 - What are you Smoking? II

    5110 in a Sara Eltang. I like this stuff, just wish it was cut a little more 'ribbon-y' (admittedly I'm deep in a stretch of trying all unclearthurs posts of MC and PS mixtures)