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  1. jasongone

    Opinions Wanted

    I had a 97 Neon that I used and abused for years. When I decided I didn't want it anymore, I decided to try and kill it... I couldn't do it. Sold it to a dude who still uses it as his back up.
  2. jasongone

    Oh for the love of No NO!

    Not good for anything. The green needs to be in glass.
  3. jasongone

    Should I be upset with my local B&M

    I won't name any names sir, but being in the same neck of the woods I know what you speak of, and I have to say you now know what vibe has kept me out of there. I personally prefer the 130 year old option downtown Jeff.
  4. jasongone

    Bulldog Fever

    Check out Stanwell shape 191. Very very nice bulldog shape.
  5. jasongone

    My Meerschaums

    Very nice. I have recently gotten rid of all the briars (save for four I kept for personal reasons) to smoking strictly my cobs and meers. This makes me want to take pictures of my meers on my day off. hmmmm
  6. jasongone

    Strange Brebbia, what is it?

    I don't know anything about it other than it is awesome! Try asking lonestar. He is pretty good with historical pipe stuff.
  7. jasongone

    What Are You Smoking? March 2012 Pt.2

    Squadron Leader mixed with Danish Black Vanilla in a big ass evil Yanik skull meer.
  8. jasongone

    For anyone near Cincinnati & Florence KY

    Strauss Tobacco is having a big old pipe sale. Went downtown today before work, and they had a lot more pipes than before and everything was 20% to 30% off. Grabbed two new SMS meers for a hell of a bargin. Worth checking out if you are near.
  9. jasongone

    Meer Pipe Cases

    look into making small molds. It's not as difficult as one would think. I could see fashioning one out of fiberglass that could be lined with felt and covered with leather, vynl, painted, or strange contact paper.
  10. jasongone

    Does ANYBODY actually like Borkum Riff?

    Oh I have given my friend many good blends to try. He grabbed the Riff while he was out alone. He told me it was the pouch artwork that got him. Friggin' tattooers. Ha
  11. jasongone

    Meer restoration Questions.

    I used 1200 grit on the bowl rim of a large billiard meer to get off a decent coating of tar. Just went gentle and it worked very well.
  12. jasongone

    Does ANYBODY actually like Borkum Riff?

    The Riff is the only tobacco that I have ever tried that I absolutely 100% despised. Dude at work grabbed a pouch and hated it. Walked up to me holding it out the other day saying: "You can have this if you want." I cringed at the memory.
  13. jasongone

    Pipes in Civil War history

    Pipeinhand, I would think that maybe an old bone bit could do that. I have an old WDC with a horn stem and it is very soft in the mouth... An old cob, that I received from lonestar, has a bone bit and it is like a rock. I can't even make myself clamp down on it with my teeth.
  14. jasongone

    little video of carrousel tobacco shop.

    buckeye i go down there every couple of months. Get one of my favorite blends (Meditation) there, and have picked up a handful of estates.
  15. jasongone

    Four Tones Art Deco' Pipe I Carved

    Very nice sir. It's like a mountain man, with enough class to hang in town when he wants.