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    Threads That Go Poof in the Night

    "Added bonus of posts from a certain person who should know better after his rants on his company's social media site." "jackswilling calling a site sponsor a POS" This is the second time a thread was put up that went way beyond the pale against a class of persons. That a Moderator participated...
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    Oriental/Turkish flavor???

    I don't see how you get the proverbial "incense" without at least some Latakia.
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    Windfall Aftermath

    I have a couple White Spots They are nice You did good with that one
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    Name that flake

    We have gone from Sugar to Tobacco Oil to Yeast. Not sure I want "Budding Yeast" on my tobacco. Pretty sure I don't want to smoke it. Can we just go back to sugar and live in the dark ages?
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    Neat Pipes and Radice a cautionary tale?

    "Leonardo from Al Pascia" Makes me want to do business with Al Pascia Radice done right when notified of the issue I have a few Radice pipes and really like them God Bless Leonardo
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    Name that flake

    What cosmic said
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    Name that flake

    So that isolated area is "sugar bloom"??? I am use to a more extensive "sugar" presentation Hope it ages well for you
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    [AhmadOthman] Mac Baren Dark Twist Roll Cake Review

    This has been on my radar. Nice review.
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    In order to remove inside bowl dipstaining/factory precoating

    190 proof Everclear or Graves Grain or Gem Clear
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    Vintage 'Log Cabin'

    Like the others, would love to hear how it smoked
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    Packing and Lighting Help

    I evolved on my own after starting with the three step method, and settled on the practices mentioned above. All good advice. Just gravity/load it light, and afer last "drop" I tamp it down. The lightly packed pipe smokes way better for me. Take the time to properly dry if necessary. Last night...
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    Shout-out to Free Pipe Project (Pics)

    Great post to see Brightens my day
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    Neverending Oral Surgery

    You are entitled, if anyone is entitled, to "bitch and moan"