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  1. jacks6

    Dunhill Ranking - Which One's the Most Iconic?

    Nightcap was tops but also ... Royal Yacht, Apertif, Dark Flake, BB1938 Ye Olde Signe and Durbar were also really good
  2. jacks6

    A Savinelli for Valentine's Day.

  3. jacks6

    GL Pease On Sale

    I'll say it a million times - pick up some Navigator guys. It's great fresh in my opinion but in 2 years you'll be blown away.
  4. jacks6

    PAD Attack. Two New Clenchers.

    Very nice, I really like that Chacom
  5. jacks6

    30th Birthday Haul. You Guys Decide What I Smoke First/What Gets Cellared!

    I'd tuck into that Solani ABF personally. Really good mellow burley, great with coffee
  6. jacks6

    Greetings from Tuskany

    Welcome Mitch!
  7. jacks6

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (January 2019)

    Esoterica St Ives - really enjoyable way to start the day
  8. jacks6

    Dunhill - Durbar

    Durbar was one of the sleepers in the Dunhill line. Not the most popular but a crazy good blend.
  9. jacks6

    Hi! Looong time lurker, decided to join :-)

    Welcome to the forums !
  10. jacks6

    New Smoker from Virginia

    Welcome from GA!
  11. jacks6

    New Rack (and some Questions)

    Nice looking rack ya got there :lol:
  12. jacks6

    Late Starters

    Started in my 30s, then found that my wife's grandfather was a long time pipesmoker. He mostly just does bulk vanilla tobacco. Trying to get him into some of the better blends out there.
  13. jacks6

    Hi, all

    Welcome to the forums, happy to have you!
  14. jacks6


    I'll have to give this a shot. I really love Jolly Old St Nick
  15. jacks6

    Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian

    Great find, I wish they were still producing this stuff