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  1. J

    Pirate Kake: cob or briar?

    It's a Lat.bomb, but, I really like it. I smoke it in just about anything . :-)
  2. J

    Pirate Kake: cob or briar?

    It's a Lat.bomb, but, I really like it. I smoke it in just about anything .
  3. J

    Would You Buy 100$ Frog Morton 100g Tin??

    Don't have but a bit of McClellan left. Sold off most I had at the war prices. Decided if I couldn't get more, why not .
  4. J

    Slow Smoke Competition at The Briary.

    We had fun. Congratulations Jason. I came in 4th. Won a tobacco pouch ( plastic bag the tobacco came in)& a box of matches .:-D Always win useful items ! Didn't pull the trigger on anything (end of the month ) but have my eye on a couple of Meerschaums if they're still there a pipe club meet.
  5. J

    Still Have Your First Pipe? Why or Why Not?

    Yes, I do. A yellowbole pug. When ? 1967. What did I smoke ? Anything ! Smokinf was a bugger, tongue bite, etc. But,I stuck with it. Now, I'm a master. I laugh at that ! I'm still learning . ;-)
  6. J

    Military Stem Sweating?

    During combustion there is water present.Use pipe cleaners religiously. I have the same issues. I thought it was me, but,IT'S the nature of combustion. Also, aromatic tobaccos usually create more moisture.
  7. J

    Selling Pipes on eBay

    I would post here first. If results are not satisfactory, then Ebay.Don't know your location but abroad shipping can be high, so be sure to take that into account.
  8. J

    Zenith Christmas Pipes

    A question . Started collecting Zenith pipes last year. Does anyone have info on when Zenith started the Christmas pipe line and when did they stop . Looked all over and have not found a definitive answer. Thanks guys
  9. J

    Pipe Smoking Care

    If ya don't screw up, ya don't learn. Tell me what not to do not what to do. Failures make for a shorter learning curve !
  10. J

    So I Got a Laser Engraver

    I gotta look into this. It's now in my league. Thanks for the info !
  11. J

    P&C 25% off Stokkebye Bulk Sale

    Does this run all of October ? Be later in the month till I can order .
  12. J

    Do You Still Have Your First Pipe?

    Yep, a little Yellow Vole pug I got about 1967. You talk about tounge bite, wow !Smoked it recently, same tobacco, no bite ! Maybe I've learned something in the past 50 years ! ;-)
  13. J

    Help! Cleaned My Favorite Pipe with 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol

    Ah, here we go again. If ya can't drink it, don't put it in your pipe!I only use ever clear or vodka with a pinch of peppermint(avaliable at the grocery). Let dry before smoking ( only takes a few minutes). I wipe my bowls, usually after each smoke , with a added up paper towel . It is mildly...
  14. J

    Aristocob and Smoking Pipes Review From the Noob

    Always had good experience with Aristocob. I highly recommend them.