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    What the advantage of plug?

    I would assume the same is true for ropes/twists?
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    Nightcap Revisited

    My appreciation for nightcap has diminished since I picked it up, first couple of smokes I really enjoyed it, let it age some in a jar and enjoyed the change...however I have smoked it too much as of late opposite brown bogie. It may be the extreme difference between the two, or I'm just tired...
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    Dunhill nightcap

    Thanks Gents, my next order is the Pease Jack knife, and gas light. I agree with not shopping for tobacco solely based off of nicotine content, but I like to use it as a sort of base line. An old favorite of mine is the Peterson Irish Flake, it was everything I was looking for with all the kick...
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    Dunhill nightcap

    I got a tin in last Thursday, and I am enamored. I am however a bit disappointed with the nicotine content, as what I read lead me to believe it would knock my socks off. That said it still does the job and smokes exceedingly well. Any suggestions on what I should try next from the "British"...
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    Lowest and Highest Nicotine Content

    Peterson perfect plug will catch you off guard, I was having a smoke in my service truck when I was on stand by for cold weather start ups, I was puffing along, decided I was going to take care of a few odds and ends in the back of my truck when it hit me...sprayed the mornings tea through my...
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    It seems like 1792 is a constant source of conversation, I searched the forum the other night for high nicotine suggestions, it was a toss up between Ten Russians and I am compelled to try both.
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    New Members, Introduce Yourself!

    I have been a pipe smoker on and off for over a decade now, I didn't discover "quality" tobaccos until 2006, up to that point I had been smoking OTC, and the occasional tobacco shop blend. 2007 I bought my first (and only) Peterson pipe, which I love dearly. I have an obsession with Dunhill...