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  1. irish

    Hello all

    Welcome aboard!
  2. irish

    Does Anyone Know Anything About This Mauro Armellini?

    I used to have a large Mauro Armellini poker with that same finish that was an excellent smoker but I traded it off in a weak moment. Well worth 35 dollars in my humble opinion. @pappymac- excellent looking pipe sir.
  3. irish

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (February 2019)

    Carter Hall in Kaywoodie billiard
  4. irish

    Ordered A Pouch of Carter Hall for the First Time.

    Carter Hall is the only tobacco I buy by the tub. It is my go to smoke when working around the house or yard. I love it . Although I will say sometimes the first draw is always harsh or bitter tasting to me but within two to three draws it settles down and is a very smooth and delicious...
  5. irish

    Comoy's 409 Tradition Bulldog Restored

    As usual Al, top notch sir ! Top notch !
  6. irish

    Show Off Your Dr. Grabow Pipes Here!

    Very nice Grabows. Beautiful Westbrook Scrooge. +1
  7. irish

    What Did Your Fathers and Grandfathers Smoke?

    Dad never smoked . Granddad smoked a pipe and always Prince Albert .
  8. irish

    The Dunhill Arrived!

    I am Irish . I just don't go by it anymore due to a POS on here that called himself Irish pipesmoker and lied to a bunch of the members and might have even ripped some off so I just go my my real name of Gary now . Anyone can pm me right here no problem and if I have what you are looking for we...
  9. irish

    The Dunhill Project: The Second One Restored - PIC Heavy

    Very nice work Orley! Very nice sir.
  10. irish

    The Dunhill Arrived!

    I am happy that you are satisfied with the Dunnie. I am glad she went to a good home. I hope you enjoy it in good heatlh my friend for many , many years to come! :puffpipe:
  11. irish

    I'm back (and I'm a father).

    Congratulations Bungee to you and your wife. :puffpipe:
  12. irish

    Kaywoodie meerschaum figural

    Very cool Kaywoodie. Congratulations!!
  13. irish

    Fnord, You're An Amazing Person!

    I have done several trades and bought and sold several pipes with Jim . He is top notch and without a doubt is one of the best men on this web site. Congrats on your new pipe and happy smoking ! :puffpipe:
  14. irish

    Interesting New Find on Craigslist

    Very nice old cabinet . Good score ! Congrats !
  15. irish

    Pipe Collection - ID, Advice, Suggestions, All Welcome

    I am not near the expert Sablebrush or xrundog are but I have bought , and do own a lot of Kaywoodies and I have never seen anything like some of yours , Awesome collection. I agree with xrundog and the rest of the crew here , stay away from eBay and go with a reputable auction house . Xrundog...