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  1. iowamike

    Has Peterson Quality Really Declined?

    My Rocky Donegal Bulldog that the draught hole and the chamber misaligned by at least an eighth of an inch. Bought it site unseen. Lets just say I dosen't smoke well at all.
  2. iowamike

    P&C 2017 Discount Calendar

    Look back at the past...every time they have a special they are always out. not to mention this latest debacle 14 days out on my order yet others are receiving theirs that were ordered after mine. My pick was not to off the wall Just 6 cans or FM cellar. Never again company is gettig to big and...
  3. iowamike

    Price on a Nording

    yeah what Anthony said !
  4. iowamike

    Lighter Insets

    I have a Z works fine. It is a soft flame. Not to great in the wind.
  5. iowamike


    I swear by my neti-pot.
  6. iowamike

    I need a good smoker for cheap

    I Love my Nording...its a big bastard.
  7. iowamike

    My Two Dollar Armored Case

    Brilliant!! I will have to try that myself.
  8. iowamike

    J.M Boswells

    Boswells are a first class outfit. Northwoods and Penn dutch treat.
  9. iowamike

    Please help me identify this pipe

    The duck band is a cool touch!
  10. iowamike

    Pipe Collection

    Very nice collection.
  11. iowamike

    Capacity of storage containers

    I would use mason jars only because the seals are tried and true. If you are comfortable with the seal on those containers go for it , just hate to see your tobacco dry out.
  12. iowamike

    The Tobacco Press That You Already Own

    brilliant and simple!
  13. iowamike

    F**k there thieves

    I belive in Karma biting them in the ass. It dosen't get the pipes back but they will pay.